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SOLD: FS: Bryston 4BSST2, BP26 Pre and MPS2 Power Supply

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Kensington, Melbourne
State: Victoria
Payment Method:
Reason for selling: Gear Hording

Further information: I never thought I'd be letting these go but here we are.

A stunning set of matching Pre + Power amplification. Build quality is top notch.

No phono or DAC modules fitted to pre amp.

Amp manufacture year is 2015 and pre amp and power supply manufactured 2009.

For quick reference the Power amp is 300w into 8ohm although factory test report shows 330w.

Will separate if a buyers are found for both units.

Will come with original packaging and umbilical cord for MPS to Pre







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4 minutes ago, Wilco said:

wonderful piece of machinery.

what a beautiful artwork.

too bad I have to sell me 3rd car and then find an extra $2k for this bad boy.

It sure was a little tough hitting the submit button for this post

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13 minutes ago, todagt said:

It sure was a little tough hitting the submit button for this post

its a gorgeous combo ! such well made gear ! would have been hard to list indeed...

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  • betty boop changed the title to FS: Bryston 4BSST2, BP26 Pre and MPS2 Power Supply
52 minutes ago, Tubularbells said:

Wow! And to think I just bought a pre a few weeks ago....damn! Give me a heads up next time your thinking crazy 😆

Just add them to the harem TB !

Offload one later if you want. 😉


Geez @todagt , what's caught your eye that can top these fine beasts? 🤔

I mean I bought Bryston after hearing  this, it's that good!

I demoed a lot of expensive amplifiers and the Bryston came out on top! 👍

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Just a quick thanks to all the messages and sorry if I took too long to reply to you all.

The pre amp with power supply is currently under offer pending funds.

Once funds confirmed I will follow up with the amp.

Thanks again

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10 hours ago, davothecavo said:

A quick question, I know it is off topic but how did the Elektra pre amp sound with the bryston amp.  Was thinking about this as a combo?

Pretty good to be honest, I still preferred the Bryston Pre with the Bryston amp tho.

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