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I just picked up some second hand krix neuphonics and epicentrix and one of the speaker plugs doesnt have the hole for a banana plug?

Is it meant to be like this, was it just not drilled out?




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Shouldn't be deliberate just a factory flaw I'd guess, the previous owner probably didn't bother doing anything about it and either used spades or the top plugs alone.


Might be a replacement at some point and it's only meant for spades? unlikely.


You should be able to drill it out but it might corrode.

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Hi @cabel,

That's definitely an anomaly! Could I trouble you for the serial number please?

If you'd like to use banana plugs I'm happy to send out a replacement terminal plate to switch out. If you'd like to do this, just PM your phone/delivery address and I'll get it organised.




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Excellent, thanks for the quick reply all and for jumping in Krix :)

PM'd my details, not sure if it is worth changing, I can just use a direct connection. Good to know It is not something weird I was not aware of. 

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