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PMing users about using their photos on Instagram

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I've started an Instagram page that mainly focuses on sharing hifi photos from various sources. I'm only doing this with express permission from the original poster of the photos and full credits, and have had some success from various boards and communities.


Before even PM'ing users here to ask though, I figure I'd look through the guidelines to see if there's anything about it. I noticed this rule:




  • StereoNET is strictly for private enthusiasts and consumers and not to be used for commercial purposes or advantage.

With the exception of official sponsors, StereoNET is absolutely not to be used to promote a brand, product or company for financial advantage or profit.



Full discretion, the Instagram account is intended to represent a side business that I'm running that sells hifi-related apparel, and I will also be occasionally promoting my products on that Insta account. Even though I'm not going to be promoting my products on SNA, should I assume that PM'ing users to use their photos conflicts with the quoted rule?

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