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I noticed this on disc and thought to grab it, I remember clearly as a kid watching it and with some fond memories




I happened to find on amazon au and good news it is region suiting our local players, comes in both blu-ray and DVD.... and only $20



I was little bit hesitant wondering on PQ, but popping in I was simply astounded. a bit of research shows this was taken off a 4k master ! and comes up absolutely amazing for picture...... keeping in mind this is a movie from 1966 ! but still it looks great (once get past initial titles - for some reasons studios tend to leave titles alone in restorations). audio does pretty well to support but down expect a block buster 3D audio or anything, its still a DTS-HD MA track but just mono track but not scratchy in any ways or rough with age. its clean clear and with suitable to the movie dynamics. The movie won an academy award both for original film score and best original song Born Free by John Barry.


for those unaware what movie is all about, its about a game keeper and wife who happen to take in some lioness cubs and bring them up, and then left with the dilemma of returning to the wild. What is more amazing is it is a real story of George Adamson and wife Joy Adamson(movie is based on her book) and their story. And it is played by a real life couple for whom from what understand even playing this movie changed their life ! a little bit of background on the film below from wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Born_Free


Right from very beginning I am astounded at how well this movie is made. keeping in mind this is prior to any sort of CGI and special effects and such. the character of the hero of the film Elsa, really comes through. Amazing the filming through the african Savanna.  the interacting of the wild life and the life with the lioness. 


The acting is very English...but suiting of the time. but also very human - as very real people. I remember crying as a kid at one point... and we decided to watch with my daughter and wife who never seen before. This movie is U rated so for kids 4 years and up. and guaranteed it pulls on the heart strings. We were still talking about the movie the next day. Still amazed how well made. There are scenes I kid you not we are wondering how filmed. there are scenes have you in laughter, scenes really hitting the emotions. 


I was very young when first watched this, but brought back memories and I understand it was quite a world wide hit of the time. so perhaps still some folks might remember. 


If you do, I would heartedly recommend grabbing this on disc... or (I believe may also be on apple movies) 


either way what a great watch... especially for us it was great in this time of being in lockdown to watch something and enjoy as a family. 


movie 5, picture 4.5 audio 3.5


it to me shows how just a good story, good artistry of film making can be to SO powerful a result. This is one Highly Highly Highly recommended as a family film that has lasted very well through the ages.

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I’m a sucker for those type of movies.   Have the books and sequels.    Also have the Christian the lion books and movie.  


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