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Hi Brain trust,


Wanted to get your opinion on a new AV cabinet i am planning on making, and ways i could improve it. I currently have a open style rack with L/R speakers resting on my subs, quite happy with the audio performance, but wanted to make the room more polished (and keep my 1 year old daughter's hands out of everything!)


Audio Performance

I am planning on using security mesh (the crimsafe ridged type) as infills on the doors. Would this act the same way as regular speaker grill? The width of the door frame is 50mm, so the outside edge of the speaker cone may be slighting covered, but not a great deal. Will also be a compromise as when i toe in the R/L speakers, this puts the speaker slightly back into the cabinet. Again not sure on the impact of this. I could just have them push right up against the grill with no toe in. Or build some kind of false wall within the cabinet so they are effectively infinite baffle design. Thoughts? 


Subs - My subs are both dual 15" subs (Submersive & PSA). I dont really have anywhere else in the room that is appropriate for such large boxes. By closing them in i understand the back drivers will be confined, but the front are free. Thoughts about doing this? I don't have the money to replace with subs that have a single front facing driver. Hoping it won't shake the cabinet appart. 



For cooling, i was planning on having a vent with fans on the top above the electronics stack. I've been looking at the AC Infinity range. Anyothers i should be considering? I've got about 100mm to play with. 


No additional cooling was planned for the sub sections. the back of the cabinet is 100mm open the whole way, so was thinking the cooling fans would work in these areas as well. Plus the whole front of the cabinet is grills in anycase. 



I have limited the height of the cabinet as much as possible, all up its 900mm currently. I could go up about 20-40mm if i really needed more clearance, but going any higher and the TV gets slightly covered when sitting on the floor (this happens quite a bit at our house). Also, i have a drop down projector screen that will be inline with the front of the cabinet, again I don't have a lot of room to play with given how the screen box is mounted. 


Everything in the drawing is scale so you can see what space i will have. 


Colour choice will be up to the wife, we are agreeing on a darker colour similar to what i have drawn. As long as its a matt finish and darkish i will be happy. 







Denon 6200

Emotiva XPA5

Emotiva A700

UHD, tivo, fetch, HiMedia Q10 Pro, chromecast

Epson 9400

120 Screen Technics electric tab tensioned drop down

Panasonic 75


PSA MT-110 (x5) for bottom 5 channels

Vaf DC3 atmos

Submersive HP Sub (dual 15" drivers)

PSA S3000i (dual 15" drivers)


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59 minutes ago, Peter the Greek said:

I'd move you L and R out and towards the sides for what its worth.....sorry, not particularity helpful 


I assume you dont have access to the cavities behind those left and right sections?

Yup, the R/L will be closer to the walls. Just in approximate position in the sketch. I was more worried about clearance to the top rather than position at this stage. They are currently as close to the wall as possible with a bit of toe in to main listening position.

I do technically have access to the cavities on both sides. But my garage is directly behind this, and those cavities have built in shelving behind it. Also, on the left hand side, the door to the theatre opens almost the whole length of that wall (see the little door stopper on the wall near the light switch). I would rather leave it as is, rather than some major demo works. 

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If you just had the Emotiva's on the bottom would you have enough room for the AVR etc either side of the centre speaker. maybe then you would have enough room for both subs  side ways.

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4 minutes ago, SandS said:

If you just had the Emotiva's on the bottom would you have enough room for the AVR etc either side of the centre speaker. maybe then you would have enough room for both subs  side ways.

The subs fit side ways as it is (about 50mm clearance either side) These subs are as wide as they are deep. I could decrese the clearance in the central electronics section by 100mm total to get some more clearance if needed. 


Would that be better to have the subs firing into the side of cabinet rather than 1 front and 1 to the rear of the cabinet?

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I used to have a SubM and Mark Seaton said you needed to be about 4" out from Wall (100mm)

I was going to buy one more for under my AT screen but ended up building two 15" folded horns

I would have them side on, but that's only me. The guy I sold the submersive to has 2 now and I'm sure he has them side ways with not much room.

Less bending down if AVR is up higher.


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  • 1 month later...

First part has been completed. Cabinets built and installed, top installed as well as ventilation fans on the top and remote hole. 

I have cut out and edge banded all the doors, just need to finish edge banding the internal cut outs, recess router the internal edge and fix the speaker grill. 


Really loving how clean the room looks now, no more mess cables visible. Even without the doors i'm super happy with how it looks


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Im getting there. All cabinet doors are finished and did a test run on the speaker grill cloth. Glad I did, who would have guessed there are slight colour variations  from the front and back of the cloth. 


Turn up your screen brightness to see, 5 in black, 6 in greyish colour. Glad I did the test fit before final glue! 


Overall I'm super happy with it, there are some small errors I can notice, but I don't think anyone else would. Also needed to get some extra RF blasters to keep all the equipment connected. (Oh and one trip to the emergency department! Stupid safety glasses didn't protect my eyes and got a piece of wood/dust in my eye even though I was wearing safety glasses..... no lasting damage, just some drops for a few days)


Calibration time is coming!!!!




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