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SOLD: Sonore Microrendu with latest 2.8 firmware

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Item Condition: As New
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Brisbane
State: Queensland
Payment Method: EFT, PayPal
Reason for selling: Upgraded

20200809_113733.thumb.jpg.16d388226cc5321693a2e2aaf3f6ac4a.jpgFurther information:

 I purchased the Microrendu new and have been amazed at its performance.  I have upgraded to an Opticalrendu and, although the Optical is better, the Micro is still very, very good.  I also compared it to a Auralic Aries Femto and could easily live with either. The firmware has been updated to the latest 2.8 version (same as the Optical)







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Posted (edited)

This device has been a revelation for me. After years of using a squeezebox touch and then a Mcbook has a transport, this is so much better. It can be used without a computer to stream Tidal I think with the 2.8 software. GLWTS

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Thanks pretender.

I can relate to your positive experiences. I used mine with a modded MacMini through Audirvana which gave me control of Tidal and Qobuz output. I haven't tried it without the Mac. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the ability to add a CD player to the Micro. This link gives some details on the release notes-


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I’m quite interested. What’s the deal with power supplies? Would I need to purchase one separately? 

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Hi Badsneakers83


It didn't come with a power supply but I might be able to have a dig around and find one that will work.

To make the micro really fly you ultimately need a good quality linear power supply. I used a Gieseler power supply which I thought was excellent. Link below.






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