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WITHDRAWN: FS:Trafomatic Audio Experience Head One

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Item Condition: Used, excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Kardinya
State: Western Australia
Payment Method: Any
Reason for selling: NLR

Further information:

Used in my second system as preamplifier...now using CA streamer as preamp/DAC so this one is NLR.

A head amp which is different because you can match  different impedances of headphones. The Head One runs a pair of 6S45P triodes with 1.8dB of negative feedback on the outputs while one EZ80(81) becomes the indirectly heated rectifier.

Two inputs switched via rear-mounted switch and 2 pre-outs for bi-amping or subwoofing* turn this into a  small preamp as well.

The Head Oneincludes a spare new JJ Electronic EZ81 rectifier valve.

Comes in original box and wooden  crate for safe transport.

If required, local buyers can check tubes strength with my tube tester.

Price is firm.   Current RRP price is 2099 Euros. (over AU$3000)DSC02189.thumb.JPG.daed589b8abbdf5ceae057f6fee01373.JPG




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1 hour ago, BlueOceanBoy said:

Interesting. Never heard of it before, let me do some research!

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This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.

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      Item:preamp (silver) do not want phono
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      Item Condition: New or Used
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      *pre amp needs all balanced in/out
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      *i do want to try mark levinson
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      Item: Musical Fidelity X-CAN v3 (2005)
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      PSU is the original supplied by MF with UK plug and adaptor.


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