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Item Condition: Very Good Used
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Kingaroy
State: Queensland
Payment Method: Paypal, Bank transfer etc
Reason for selling: Simplifying system temporarily

Further information:


Up for sale is a brilliant pair of Mono blocks and my favourite amps I've owned. Maybe not the huge output of some of the Big Krell & Magnus gear that's come through my room, but just sublime midrange, vocals and overall beautiful sound.


However hifi needs to take a backseat to family for a while and I need something simple and at least half reasonable sounding (Luxman L590AX). I had planned to just put them into storage until Bub is bigger but it seems a waste, someone should get to enjoy them.


They are parallel single ended, couldn't give you much in the way of specs, but most folk tell me they should put out 14-18watts or so. They go more than loud enough to drive my 89dB Jamo's to good levels on any content, and haven't let me down. 


Canadian made Hammond transformers and point to point wiring inside, very well made and easily repairable.


They have power leads integrated, but I'm sure this could be easily changed if you want to use fancy power cables. They also have a separate switch for the output transformers so you can let them warm up correctly before firing them up, and have soft start on the switches.


Few tiny marks on the timber but nothing serious.


Haven't got original packing, but I'm sure I can pack safely enough for freight if necessary, but would rather a local sale (Happy to deliver around SE QLD areas Brisbane/Sunny Coast etc)


Lastly, I want to mention, they do have a very quiet hum through the speakers when powered up, this is normal for this type of amplifier. It's only audible within a meter or 2 of the speakers, but just part of SET Amplifiers in general. I have used them on 96Db efficient speakers too, and not been upset with the result.


PS_ Hifi rack will be getting sold now too, as I'm attempting to reduce box count to a point a Normal TV unit will work.


Pics aren't brilliant, but if anyone is interested in them, more than happy to get the big camera going for some close-ups, just haven't unpacked it yet since moving last.



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Gremrock has excellent taste in amplifiers. Parallel Single Ended 300B amps are in my opinion the most useable way to enjoy the sonic joy of an SET whilst capable of driving a much wider  range of speakers.  These are amplifiers that can totally realign your concept of listening pleasure.

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52 minutes ago, anthony vinyl said:


 have pm with some questions one of which is who is audile?


I'm not 100% sure here, but these might have been made by Barry Clarke here in Melbourne for Bill Taylor, who had moved to Queensland in his latter years.  It was a Bill Taylor circuit and started life with a 6SN7 as the first driver tube, to drive the EL34.


Bill and Barry made preamps and phono amps  under the name of Audile.  These were sold by George Secher.


Barry's build quality is exceptional, rarely seen these days!  All point to point etc.  Bill might have changed out the 6SN7 for a 6072, a driver tube he was fond of.


Very nice...  I think you are mad parting with them!

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Just at work, will try to get into them after work and find the camera for some decent pics. 


Red is pretty bang on with that description. Though they've had their current configuration since I've owned them. Didn't expect so much interest straight away or I'd have put more effort into the pics for you all haha

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Screaming bargain here folks, I would keep them .......should be about 18 SET watts of goodness.......good luck with sale 🙏🙏

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This is when they just had been finished and were spanking new back in 2007.


Beautifully simple!  Which translates to beautiful music.

Bill's PSE300Bs.PNG

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Thats definitely the inside of these Red, did you own them previously? 


They have a 6CG7 Driver, EL34 & 2x 300bs. (The 6CG7 was created which simply put the 6SN7 elements into a 9 pin minature tube. The main difference is that the plates of the two sections are slightly closer together because of the narrow confines of miniature tube <---Bit of info on the tube)


I got them from a friend who personally knew Bill so they have a certain amount of sentiment, however I can't justify just storing them for 10+ years, and the system simply isn't getting the use it should, as its a bit too complicated with Bub in hand. 


Heres a closeup of the main mark on the timber, there are 1 or 2 other little marks but I can't manage to get a clear photo of them.


Any further questions feel free to PM or call out to @Red MacKay haha. He seems to know more about them than me, I just use them :P





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1 minute ago, Gremrock said:

Thats definitely the inside of these Red, did you own them previously? 


Any further questions feel free to PM or call out to @Red MacKay haha. He seems to know more about them than me, I just use them :P

Nope, I have never laid eyes on them, but jeez - they are nice.


I had an educated guess at who made them.  Just trying to be helpful. 🙂

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      I am in the process of reducing my collection of equipment to have just one system based on a good integrated amp / dac / turntable / streamer.  I would love to keep the Janus in the off chance that I get another power amp in the future but as that is pretty unlikely, it is best it finds a new home. The one issue is the remote is crappy, it works but is fussy about where you aim it at the amp, I have put up with it but it could do with replacing or using a harmony ect. 
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      I have shown the couple of imperfections on the panel and the case in the photos for reference.
      I can arrange shipping from Albury or if you are in Melbourne I will be dropping off gear this Thursday (7th) so I could deliver it (post payment) 
      Plenty of reviews on the net. I have no idea what the phono stage sounds like as I have a seperate phono amp and play about one record a year (too much fuss!) 


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