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SOLD: FS: Ortofon D.20E/11 - 857E replacement stylus SEALED BRAND NEW

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Item Condition: NEW
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Everton Park, Brisbane
State: Queensland
Payment Method: EFT, Cash
Reason for selling: Not required

Further information:

Ortofon D.20E/11 - 857E replacement stylus SEALED BRAND NEW
Never opened, sealed in original packaging. New old stock.

Spare part was purchased new with Dual CS 505 turntable sometime in the 80's I think.
No longer have the TT so this is of no use to me.

Happy to express post within Australia add $12






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    • By Fembot
      Hi guys,
      the tech that repaired my b and w centre speaker said there might be some tweeter sizzle and Lo and behold I’m playing call of duty and there’s a tinny jangling sound coming out of the speaker.
      there is a b and W speaker htm2 or something in the classifieds, should I just buy that? The tweeter dust cap is pushed in, I don’t know if that matters. The lovely seller says it doesn’t affect sound. It seems reasonable and this one is stuffed both tweeter wise and bass driver wise. I think it would be a good upgrade. What do you think?
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      Well I bought a new Goldring E3 today and I installed it as per the Manuel says, used a scale for tracking weight (2.0g) and a protractor for alignment.
      In the middle of the first album I decided to play the stylus broke and collapsed onto the record. Not sure what happened, if I did something or if it’s a faulty stylus. 
      have you guys ever had a similar experience or know what might of happened?

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      i have a project rpm3 with carbon arm and silver 2M stylus. I am not happy about the need to replace belt every now and tven. Hence want to change to clearaudio concept. Does it worth keeping the stylus and buying clearaudio concept Tara without stylus? 
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      Hello there, 
      I've inherited a home theatre a while ago when my dad's mate have upgraded.
      It was composed of:
      1 Denon Amp (cant recall which one it was, but want to say AVR-700?)
      2 Axis LS-38 Front (Dual connector) want to say 150W 8Ohm
      2 Axis LS-28 backs (Dual connector) 100W 8Ohm
      1 Gale Centre 2 (Dual connector) 100W 8Ohm
      1 12" Sound Dynamics Subwoofer (stereo rca and high connector)
      When moving from Brisbane down to Melbourne, the transport company have "lost" (you'll see why the quotes) a few boxes from the full moving truck. broken a few glasses, china and lost a few clothes and the front speakers with the amp. All speakers and the amp on the original boxes, with the manual, styrofoam and everything...
      I'm not saying it wasn't lost, but those boxes were pretty big, self explanatory and with big writing on them. The were very well looked after, with no marks on anywhere, so much so that the missus said "i'm not gonna help you box those ones because i know how you are with this system and they just look brand new".
      I was gonna save the Amp just as a collector's item because it had no HDMI, but it had surround through RCA, digital and optical. no fancy DTS or anything like that, so it was due to upgrade.
      I always been pretty happy with it for the movie room.
      The insurance company gave me $500 so replace them, because they said it was an "old" system.
      So now I ask:
      What are the suggestions for replacement for the Front speakers and for a amp ?  Can be used, as i probably wouldn't be able to buy new.
      Cant seem to find any Axis LS-38 to replace them. When i search there are just too much that i don't understand to do it. Wouldn't mind better speakers but not worse.
      Now i'm Thinking on getting a 65" OLED TV, so i think HDMI would be a must for amp.
      what are the thoughts on 7.1/7.2? maybe a time for upgrade as well....
      Currently living on North West Melbourne Vic.
    • By WitchfinderGeneral
      I have a Rega Planar 25 turntable that I bought second hard years ago from someone who is a bit of an audiophile. 
      It doesn't get a lot of use, but eventually the day will come that I need a new stylus. I suspect that day is fairly close. 
      I have absolutely no idea about this stuff, and what it's got is hardly plug-and-play. There's not even any sort of make/model code on it as far as I can see. 
      Looks like it would have to be very manually removed and reinstalled, and has some very small fiddly looking copper(?) connectors. 
      Don't know how many pics I can attach. Going to try all six I took earlier today to show it from as many angles as I can. 
      I'm in Wellington New Zealand. Where would I go for a new stylus? How would I describe what one (or type of one) I need? What sort of price am I looking at? Then there's the question of actually trying to remove the current one and install the new one. Looks like I'd have to remove the arm as there's not enough room to work with to unscrew whats there and screw in a new one. I can't see any other way to do it. 
      So, as I said and as you can tell, I've got absolutely no idea about this stuff. Seems to me that I don't have a terribly easy turntable when it comes to this.
      Thanks in advance for whatever useful info anyone can provide.

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