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To what extent are acoustically invisible screens see-through, if at all?

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Hi all, appealing to anyone with first-hand experience.


For instance, if one wanted to set up a fairly introverted DJ desk behind an acoustically invisible projector screen, how much of the actual party could the DJ make out through it (with/without something screening)?


While we're at it, do people really find the bars above and below the a CinemaScope image that annoying (if screened through projectors that natively support 4:3/16:9 only)? Also, could you please try to describe how this looks when being projected in contrast to black bars on a computer monitor/TV?


Grateful for any information. I only tried to search for answers to the first question online but with no success. 

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If he is behind the screen and there are lights on in front of the screen where people are partying then he would see somewhat what's going on, but would be limited. Hard to know. You'd have to test it out first with samples.


Black bars are normally grey in colour and vary in darkness depending on the projector being used. So annoying for some, not so much for others. 16:9 is still the most popular format so black bars top and bottom for 235 films as per your TV.


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Thanks. Maybe not the best place for a DJ then, going by this limited info. 


Grey bars might be annoying. If you had a 235 screen, you'd probably have to put up with grey bars on the sides a lot of the time too, unless you use curtains effectively, so neither option is necessarily a deal-breaker. 


Getting a 235 screen also provides more room for a center speaker below it so one could save on the acoustically transparent premium. 

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