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Control the Tidal desktop app with Android, a work around

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I thought it might be a good time to share my experience with my start to Tidal and how I finally controled the Tidal desktop app (without ROON ect.) from my phone or tablet as Tidal does not support like Spotify does.


I was using the desktop Spotify app on a Intel NUC PC that outputs to a DAC using my phone or my tablet to control the program on the PC, easy its called Spotfiy connect. Goes as follows: (Intel NUC mini PC>>[USB]>>Schiit Etir>>[Spdif cable]>>Audiolab DAC>>Audiolab 6000a amp)  Note: I use the Schiit Eitr for USB to Spdif(coax) as my DAC doesn't have USB input.  Anyway…


So, I thought I'd give tidal a run with the HIFI trail.  I signed up, installed tidal onto the PC and installed app onto my phone and tablet then sat down to do some listening.

But I quickly found out that the you cannot use the phone to control the app on my PC like I could with Spotify.  Doing some research, it turns out that you can't, unless you use a third-party program like ROON or a commercial steamer with its own software or remote. However, that's beyond what I'm willing to spend, and going to be a deal breaker. 


But the biggest problem was that the sound vs Spotify was better and I couldn't go back to Spotify now 😫.  The major difference between the two when using Windows, apart from the higher quality is that the Tidal software can send data to DAC though WASHAI in “exclusive mode”, where Spotify cannot (they say Windows mixer stuffs with the sound or something?), you can turn it on and off in the Tidal app and it makes a major difference to the playback to my ears.  "In exclusive mode (also called DMA mode), unmixed audio streams are rendered directly to the audio adapter (DAC) and no other application’s audio will play and signal processing has no effect".  nuprimeaudio.com 


So, I was stuck for a using a keyboard/mouse thingy until I found a work around which is what I wanted to share.  I now use Google Chrome’s Remote Screen Share app (FREE).  I use it to share the PCs screen and control it with my Android tablet on the touch screen.  It works great, surprising well and only took a minute to install and get going.  I just have the PC setup to start tidal on boot-up and turned off the windows login.  So, when I hit the button on the PC it starts up and by the time I have sat down with the tablet, pressed the screen share app its ready to go, it’s great. When I finish, I just push the power button on the PC and it shuts down.  I find the Tidal desktop is way better than the Spotify connect mobile app too.


Anyway, hope this might help someone 🙂.



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