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SOLD: FS: ELROG ER845 (boxed pair 845 output tubes)

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Item Condition: VERY GOOD
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Leederville
State: Western Australia
Payment Method: Paypal, EFT
Reason for selling: SURPLUS

Further information:  

For Sale is one boxed pair of ELROG ER845 output tubes.  I purchased these directly from Thomas Mayer at Elrog in Germany, whom I have been buying Elrog tubes from for over 8 years until Line Magnetic Australia recently took up the Australian distribution (and whom I highly recommend dealing with for excellent customer service - especially those fortunate enough to be living in Perth  ). 


This pair of ER845 were manufactured in November 2017 and I used them (and a second pair) in my Absolare Altius 845SET monoblocks from January 2018 until June this year.  I decided to splash out on a new quad with the new black coloured bases which is the only difference between these 2017 production and current production. I have just last month installed this new quad of the same ER845 in my Absolare Altius 845SET monoblocks (see them in background of a few of the attached photos) and am now saving up for another quad of ER845.  Over the last 7 years I have used a number of other 845 including earlier non-inverted plate Elrog 845, Psvane WE845, Shuguang and Absolare's own 845 tubes but these new production Elrog 845 are far superior to them all in every critical dimension. I am keeping the other pair as emergency spares.


As you can appreciate I cannot guarantee these used tubes but they have proved very reliable in my system over 2.5 years and brought my music alive in ways no other tubes have ever been able to.


Current Retail of ER845 = $2,620 AUD per pair.













ELROG ER845.a.jpg

ELROG ER845.b.jpg

ELROG ER845.c.jpg

ELROG ER845.d.jpg

ELROG ER845.e.jpg

ELROG ER845.f.jpg

ELROG ER845.g.jpg

ELROG ER845.h.jpg

ELROG ER845.i.jpg

ELROG ER845.j.jpg











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I would highly advise anyone with an 845 amp that doesn't have the extra funds to grab a new pair should definitely grab these.

Stunning sounding valves which will take your 845 amp to the next level.

@Aperalim is a great guy and a highly trustworthy seller too.

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3 minutes ago, Suresh John said:

Is 45 Tube and 845 the same ? 

Not even close. Both directly heated triodes but that's about it.

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3 minutes ago, Suresh John said:

Thank you.I am learning.

All good Suresh.  I can understand how 45 and 845 could seem to be possibly related intergenerationally like I think some some tubes from early 1920s evolved into 1930s tubes with similar numerical titles.

Lots of good info here about tubes:


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16 minutes ago, Suresh John said:

Or equivalent 

No - there are 2 entirely different tubes.


One requires very high plate voltage and the other very low plate voltage to function. Also filament voltages are different. They are not interchangeable.

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