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FS: *****Rotel MiChi P5 preamp and M8 Mono blocks

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Item Condition: 2 months old
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Bentleigh
State: Victoria
Payment Method: EFT, cash, PayPal with fee
Reason for selling: Selling on behalf of my friend

This ultimate Rotel set was purchased from Melbourne dealers around two months ago, only around 20 hours used, not even finished the Burn-in time.

The Items condition is near new, no cratch anywhere, come with receipt and 3 remote. 

Iam selling on behalf of my friend he upgraded to the Vitus 103 Mono trade back from other friend in our group. Therefore he need to sell this set for his upgrade fund.

P5 pream RRP 5999

M8 mono blocks RRP 10990 each

Totral price is 28k. This is a rare opportunity for to get the whole set with 35% off RRP


Further information:

The Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier no-compromise Class AB amplifier delivers 1,080 watts into 8 ohms and an astounding 1,800 watts into 4 ohm loads. The design architecture ensures a smooth, accurate and relaxed delivery of the audio to even the most demanding loudspeakers while maintaining critical energy, rhythm and timing.

The stunning control and authoritative power of the Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier is the result of a perfect balance of science meets art delivering 1,080 watts of Class AB power into 8 ohms and an astounding 1,800 watts to the most demanding 4 ohm loudspeakers. The M8 is powered by a pair of custom engineered, low noise, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers supported by 4 British patented slit foil, high efficiency, low ESR bulk storage capacitors for impactful bass with exceptional control under extreme loading conditions.

To achieve accuracy and its unsurpassed performance, the M8 is equipped with an array of 32 high current output transistors thus reducing the load on individual components and maintaining the crucial energy, rhythm and timing throughout the amplification stages. Musical expression and detailed refinement were further accomplished through acoustic tuning of all critical components and a balanced circuit design.

A high resolution display adorns the front panel supporting a peak power meter or spectrum analyzer. With XLR and RCA inputs, 2 sets of custom Michi speaker binding posts, remote control and fully featured RS232 and Ethernet connections the M8 provides ultimate installation flexibility. Power amplification at its best in the most elegant of industrial designs.


The Michi P5 Control Amplifier delivers the ultimate culmination of audio performance with a full complement of source inputs. The meticulous circuit design, critical component selection and over 3 years in the making ensures the P5 meets the highest of standards allowing this preamplifier to proudly wear the Michi logo.

The Michi P5 Control Amplifier delivers the ultimate performance in audio processing with a full complement of analog and digital source inputs. Over 3 years in the making, every aspect of the P5 has been carefully crafted including the power supply, circuit design and critical component selection to ensure the highest integrity of the audio signal eliminating unwanted noise and distortion.

The Dual AKM 32-bit DACs feed the Class-A preamplifier circuit ensuring detail, accuracy and the highest musical fidelity while maintaining crucial rhythm and timing for all musical genre regardless of your listening style. These circuits are supported by an array of 17 independent voltage regulators driven from 2 custom designed and factory built toroidal transformers with low ESR smoothing capacitors to deliver ripple free current to all critical circuits.

Accuracy and detail are essential in reproducing audio and equality important is delivering music that is enjoyable and entertaining. The P5 excels in all aspects building on over 55 years of audio design experience. The bespoke in-house manufacturing facility ensures this preamplifier is built to highest of quality standards allowing it to proudly wear the Michi logo.

Automation and control system integration is easily supported with RS232 and Ethernet connections.

The Michi P5 includes MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording


Lab Report

The exceedingly powerful and yet 'gentle' sound of the S5 power amp is fully explained by the measurements. The 2x500W/8ohm and 2x800W/4ohm spec. is very conservative as the S5 actually delivers 2x670W/8ohm and 2x1.17kW/4ohm with 691W, 1.39kW and 1.78kW achieved under dynamic conditions into 8, 4 and 2ohm. A 30A current limit gives a dynamic output of 902W/1ohm [see Graph 1]. THD climbs slightly with output, from 0.0015%/1W to 0.002%/10W, 0.0027%/100W and 0.0037% at the rated 500W/8ohm (all at 1kHz). Distortion also climbs at HF, from 0.0003%/20Hz to 0.002%/1kHz and 0.016%/20kHz (all 10W/8ohm) and noise is quite low, yielding a healthy 93dB A-wtd S/N ratio (re. 0dBW). But the response is not flat, shelving down above 5kHz to reach –0.4dB/10kHz, –0.65dB/20kHz and –1.0dB/100kHz. This trend is magnified into lower loads, reaching –0.5dB/10kHz, –0.9dB/20kHz and –2.3dB/100kHz into 2ohm.

The P5 preamp offers a maximum 22.6V balanced output, clipping at vol '90' with a peak level digital input. Tested at a 6V (vol '72') the P5 offers a modest 106dB A-wtd S/N ratio, minimal ±0.1dB error in linearity over a 100dB range and very low THD – between 0.0002-0.0006% through the midrange over the top 30dB of its dynamic range, increasing to 0.001-0.006% at 20kHz [see Graph 2]. Alias rejection is merely 'average' at 69dB because Rotel has elected for the minimum phase/steep roll-off digital filter option of the AK4490EQ DAC – the impulse test showing no pre-ringing but extended post-ringing. Responses extend out to –0.2dB/20kHz, –1.3dB/45kHz and –3.9dB/90kHz with 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz media while its source impedance increases from 120ohm and high/mid freq. to 375ohm/20Hz (bass). PM



S5 Dynamic power output versus distortion into 8ohm (black trace), 4ohm (red), 2ohm (blue) and 1ohm (green) speaker loads. Max. current is 30.0A



P5 Distortion versus 24-bit digital signal level over a 120dB range (1kHz, black; 20kHz, blue)


Continuous power (<1% THD, 8/4ohm) 670W / 1170W
Dynamic power (<1% THD, 8/4/2/1ohm) 691W / 1.39kW / 1.78kW / 902W
Output imp. (20Hz–20kHz, Pre/Amp) 121-375ohm / 0.016-0.075ohm
Freq. resp. (20Hz–20kHz/100kHz) –0.23 to –0.63dB/–1.05dB
Digital jitter (USB / S/PDIF) 350psec / 370psec
A-wtd S/N ratio (DAC/Amp) 106.1dB (0dBFs) / 92.8dB (0dBW)
Distortion (DAC, 0dBFs/Amp, 0dBW) 0.0006–0.006% / 0.0003–0.016%
Power consump. (Pre/Amp at rated) 28W / 1.65kW (143W idle)
Dimensions (WHD, each unit) 485x238x465mm / 60kg (total)





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Retail prices on the Rotels have gone up. So potentially an even bigger saving for whoever grabs this!

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Serious power output there ,just have to be very careful with the volume button ! Haha GLWTS

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48 minutes ago, demoiree said:

Serious power output there ,just have to be very careful with the volume button ! Haha GLWTS

Do not let your friends go near the preamp. It happened to me. 

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Hotblack Desiato rang,  he wants his amp back.

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Awesome gear, I have the same setup running PMC MB2se’s and they do a super fine job!



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21 hours ago, audiohifiaudio said:

To get this out of my system decided to watch the video pretending I'm unboxing my new amps.


Link Below



This was the man I used to buy all my equipment from before moving from nz! 

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Rotel Michi P5/S5 Pre/Power Amplifier


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hfnoutstandingA sleek new look heralds the return of Rotel's premier sub-brand, and its new control amplifier – or preamp – and stereo power amp have the wherewithal to succeed

Michi is back: last marketed in the 1990s, Rotel's elite sub-brand has rejoined the hi-fi fray after a three-year development project, and the establishment of a dedicated facility within the company's factory to hand-build the new products. And I have to admit to a pang of nostalgia for I reviewed the company's RHCD-10 player, slimline RHA-10 preamp and substantial RHB-10 power amp back in the dim and distant, and it was a case of lust at first listen, not to mention sight of the high-quality metalwork with its red-lacquered wooden side-cheeks.

Given how high the brand was riding at the time, with class-leading CD players and amplification, that meant the Michi line was, to these ears, very good indeed, and I'd convinced myself that if I ever had the money, I'd have a set in a heartbeat. And then Michi was gone, and we were back to best basic black Rotels. But it seems I wasn't alone in my affection for the range. To my eyes the styling hasn't dated, unlike so many designs of the time, and the fact that the original components are relatively scarce on the usual used platforms suggests those who bought into the range are hanging on to them.

Rotel Revival
Now, however, the brand has been revived under the auspices of Bowers & Wilkins, but Rotel remains a family-owned project. The initial offering, seen here, comprises the £3299 P5 'control amplifier' – or preamp – and 500W-rated S5 stereo power amp at £5399. There's also an exceptionally powerful M8 monoblock power amp, rated at 1080W/8ohm and 1800W/4ohm, and also selling for £5399. Except, of course, you'll need two for stereo.


These are all very much Michi products, but not 'Rotel Michi' for the M-word is the only branding you'll find on the gloss black fascias. And the styling is a very long way from the 'cooking' products coming out of the company's own purpose-built factory, on which production has concentrated for at least the past couple of decades.

Indeed, I'm tempted to suggest that the look isn't a million miles from that of the products of Canadian company Classé, which was part of the B&W fold until being adopted as part of the Sound United portfolio. I'm not suggesting there's any connection, but the simple fascia design with large displays and rounded edges subscribes to the same aesthetic – it's purposeful, and undeniably clean.

I first heard the new Michi products in action during the 2019 High End show in Munich, where B&W had the Michi amps driving its own 800 D3 speakers (we used the same, of course). Given the fact the demo was held in a huge penthouse with a high background level of conversation, what I heard was nonetheless sufficient to pique my interest. Not that I needed much piquing given my past affection for the Michi brand.

Fully Featured
So, what do we have here, now that the new Michis have landed? Well, the P5 is a very long way from those slender preamps of the past, both in looks and facilities. This is a full-featured preamp, designed to form the hub of a modern system, with both analogue and digital inputs, and the 'custom install' features to allow it to be integrated into a complete remote system.


For analogue sources, the P5 has two sets of balanced inputs, four line-ins on RCAs, and a switchable MM/MC phono stage. There's also one line out, two mono subwoofer outputs (which each output a summed signal from both channels), and a front-panel headphone output.

The digital provision is also generous. In addition to three optical and three coaxial digital inputs, the P5 has a USB-B port for connection to a computer, plus Bluetooth. A network port is also provided, but this is for control over IP and firmware updates, not network audio streaming, while the USB-A socket is only there to power external devices, and has no audio input capability. Other control options extend to a socket for a remote infrared sensor, 12V triggering, and serial RS232. Digital outputs are also provided on both optical and coaxial sockets.

The extensive menu system allows tone control configuration, or bypass, the setting of a fixed level on any input, and the renaming of those inputs. In addition, unused inputs can be turned off. MM/MC phono selection is also buried in these menus, which can be accessed from the front panel or via the slender metal-clad remote handset.

'Velvet Sound' DACs
Under the hood the P5 uses a pair of AKM DACs, allowing it to handle content up to 384kHz/32-bit, with DSD, DoP and MQA support via the USB-B connection. The analogue preamp section operates in Class A, the whole enterprise being powered by 17 regulated supplies hung off a pair of toroidal transformers. As is the way with Rotel, these transformers are custom-wound in-house in the company's Zuhai factory, and are both potted and placed right at the front of the P5, well away from the audio circuitry.

The S5 power amplifier is, of course, a much simpler animal, if a rather substantial one, standing as it does almost 24cm tall and tipping the scales at a whisker under 60kg. Inputs are provided on both balanced XLRs and RCA sockets, selected by a switch, and there are two sets of solid, rhodium-plated speaker terminals per channel. If you so desire, the S5's front panel can also show a VU meter, or a choice of three frequency spectrum analyser displays. Thank heavens for the 'display off' option!

The power amp again uses in-house transformers – two 2.2kVA units, feeding a bank of British-made capacitors totalling 188,000µF. The dual-mono Class AB design is of a symmetrical layout, with the two channels in separate fan-cooled housings, and packing a total of 32 high-current output devices. The fan speed is controlled according to the temperature inside the amp – despite this cooling the S5 can still run warm when working hard, and needs plenty of breathing space.

sqnoteThe Modest Mammoth
Although relatively modest – at least by the standards of some of the behemoth amplification we've had through PM's listening room in recent months – the Michi combination swiftly sets out its stall once in action. Driving the flagship B&W 800 D3 floorstanders [HFN Oct '16] which, while excellent, are a pretty demanding load and don't suffer foolish partnering equipment gladly, the P5/S5 quickly established itself as being able to exert plenty of control while delivering an open, captivating sound.

620rotel.remWith sources including our usual dCS Vivaldi One [HFN Feb '18] and a direct connection from the Melco N1ZS20/2's [HFN Jun '17] USB out into the P5's USB-B input, the Michi sound revealed itself to be not the last word in detail, but at the same time mercifully free from the kind of sting and forwardness some find untenable in ultra-high-end systems. If you're the kind of listener who finds you're reaching too often for the 'brash' and 'abrasive' pages of the hi-fi description lexicon, you're going to be in a much more comfortable place here.

Scope And Scale
That's not to say the Michi P5/S5 sounds soft or overlush – instead, they deliver a full-blooded, holistic sound in which it seems the hi-fi bag of tricks is put aside, and the music moved up to centre stage for enjoyment. Which, of course, is just as it should be. Take the audio assault course that is ELP's 'Karn Evil No. 9' [from Brain Salad Surgery; Razor & Tie, 96kHz/24-bit] as an example, for here the amplifiers immediately reveal a sound that's big and bold, with both striking bass extension and speed across the frequency range. This remastered version sounds a lot better than the original, which can be all top and bottom, and via these P5/S5 amplifiers there's a very good balance of attack and substance.

Perhaps there's not quite the analytical revelation of every thread you'd get with a more overt amplifier, but given the scale of sound being created (by just three musicians, remember) the system does an excellent job of drawing the listener in to the music, and powering it along to exciting effect. Carl Palmer's characteristic 'eleven-tenths' percussion is especially well-handled, feeling taut and full of impact.

With less processed recordings, this natural, generous balance is even more toothsome. The burst of brass opening 'Blowin' The Blues', from Kyle Eastwood's Time Pieces set [Jazz Village JV 570034; 44.1kHz/24-bit] is a real wake-up in its immediacy, and as the track develops it's easy to relish every element, from Eastwood's propulsive bass-line to the stabs of piano and powerful drumming. The sound is bright, breezy and bracing, yet underpinned with weight and substance and, as my listening progressed, so grew my appreciation of the way this pre/power amplifier combination presents music.


Light And Shade
Playing the sparky, darting recording of Mozart's overture for La Nozze di Figaro [Linn CKD 460; 192kHz/24-bit], and the Michi P5/S5 delivers a rich, ripe sound, yet one with the agility and detail to convey the exuberance of both score and performance. There's no shortage of dynamic extension here, making clear both the light and shade of the orchestra and the playful writing.

Yes, some intimate recordings can sound a little more distant than they might through more forward amps – for example the vocals on Lake Street Dive's 'Better Than' [Bad Self Portraits; Signature Sounds SIG 2061] – but this Michi pairing is all about conveying the music, and sweeping the listener along with it. That's readily apparent with the classic Tallis Scholars recording of Allegri's Miserere, recently remastered [Gimmell GIM 639; 192kHz/24-bit], which comes with all its luminous ambience intact – and especially effective with the distant 'second choir' deep in the Merton College Chapel.


But this quality is just as revelatory with the slow build of Mike Oldfield's Return To Ommadawn [Mercury; 96kHz/24-bit]. The recording opens with clean, precise acoustic guitar, and then the amps simply allow the music and the soundstage to swell and open up as the piece develops, always in control, and yet filling the room with sound.

Hi-Fi News Verdict
Oh, Michi, you're so fine: this new amplifier combination brings a welcome breath of weight, scale and entirely natural music-making to an overpopulated high-end arena, displaying a wide-ranging ability across a broad spectrum of genres. Some may wish for more attack and overt slam, and for every detail unearthed, but Michi is all about the emotion and spirit of the music, delivered on an entirely human scale.

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