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Australian Marantz missing Flasher In?

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My current ancient Marantz (SR8500) has a 3.5mm flasher in that I use as it enables me to keep the receiver out of site, and works much better than IR repeaters in my experience. Been looking at buying a second hand or new NR series Marantz (1510 or 1710), and have noticed something weird. Online they are often displayed with the Flasher In input, but when you go to actually look at them, or check actual photos of the device instead of stock photo's, it's missing. But the same model in America always has it. Is this a fixed thing? I.e do all Australian delivered Marantz lack this input, or a hit and miss thing, whereby I might find one somewhere?

It's a small thing, but for me it's super useful.

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It looks like the Australian units lack this feature.


Many of the stock photos used on Aussie websites appear to be 120V models, whereas the correct photos of 230V models do not show the flasher input e.g. 







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