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NAD M33 - DIRAC + Purifi + BlueOS

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Enjoying my NAD M32 with BlueOS ....cannot flaw it's quality and power so far. But my eye is on the new M33 which brings with it more of the masters along with Purifi Eigentakt‚ĄĘ Hybrid Digital amplifier technology and DIRAC Live. I do hope they offer a special deal for existing Masters owners¬†ūü§Ď




In case you are really interested in their premiere on YouTube in 2 days - or wait for the video later: 


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Definitely looks like a fantastic piece of kit.  Has their been an announcement on Au pricing yet?  Expecting it to be north of $7k!

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M33 is getting interesting indeed - Darko says Dirac Live, Phono stage are winners....not sure on what he meant by USB connection was missing as I thought it did have this connection type! 




Calling it Audio Nirvana¬†ūüėĀ


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Yeah, I think this is going to be a real killer product for NAD, mainly due to the purifi amp stage by Bruno Putzy’s. I thought pricing had been released and it was AUD 8999., so a bit of a jump.

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 image.png.92dd94561b85617f10c58c4b2fb79f5b.png  we in Melbourne can get out!  


Know of any retailer in Melbourne who has the M33 set up for a demo?  While I would love to hear the M33 with Dirac Live enabled, I have yet to know of a retailer who has taken the effort to set up room correction. It would make the M33 even more compelling in a demo.

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