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Linn Keilidh upgrades

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So for 25 or so years up until a couple of years ago I enjoyed buying and selling lots of hifi gear just to try things out and see how different pieces sounded when mixed and matched.


Guitaring took over and I sold most of my hifi equipment. To be honest I was a bit over having a room full of clutter too.


Recently I set up the system that I held on to, a Linn Classik and Linn Keilidh speakers. This isn't the most hifi of hifi systems, obviously, but I really enjoy listening to music on it and it's simple and basic.


Old habits die hard though. However instead of buying something else to try out I decided to make the most of what I had. Some speaker upgrades were called for.


I've ordered a couple of Hiquphon tweeters that are the common upgrades to some Linn speakers. They are currently winging their way across the pond. I'll post again when they've been changed.


In the meantime I thought I'd upgrade the capacitors in the crossover. I've done this a few times in the past and haven't really noticed much of a difference, but for a low cost it would give me something to do!.


The job went surprisingly well considering ease of access and my limited experience. I chose to replace the capacitors with the crossover board hanging by the internal speaker cables just outside of the bottom woofer hole rather than desolder the speaker wires. That was going to be a last resort. Fortunately it didn't come to that and turned out to be an easy job.

It made quite a difference to the sound. Easily noticeable. Like the proverbial lifting of blanket from speakers.


It went so well I'm considering upgrading the resistors next, although I'm led to believe that won't make much difference if anything. However for the limited cost involved it's probably worth a go I reckon.


Before and after pics attached.




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AFAIK the resistors don’t need changing they last nearly for ever unless damaged. 0.2 ohm difference probably would be audible but the ones in there are cheap ones though sound OK but hi end ones will sound about 10-20% better if they are in the signal path (not going from positive to negative wire) to be audible especially on the tweeters.


Below is apparently the crossover circuit diagram to find where things are in the signal path


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