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Item Condition: 9/10
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Marrickville
State: New South Wales
Payment Method: Cash, EFT Paypal add 3%
Reason for selling: No longer required

Further information: 


I've had this P20 for about 4 months after upgrading from Shunyata Hydra. It takes up a massive amount of real estate but what regenerator doesn't? I will have to take a hit on the price as the unit took a hit from me. Or a small bump which you'll find on the right hand side. The unit was just so heavy to lift. However it's a small aesthetic mark that would not change performance. 


The unit will come with box and remote and accessories. I will likely move on to a DAN D F12 after hearing it. It's less real estate in the rack and sounds as good - without being as heavy.  For those in Perth it's around $200 odd to ship road express. 


Any questions please ask. 




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P20 2.jpg

P20 1.jpg

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3 minutes ago, steven365 said:

Thanks Steven for the heads up. This is tempting. I wonder if it has US sockets...all my cables are US plugs.


Currently use the P10 re-generator for my digital front end only. All analog (pre, power etc) through passive conditioner from dedicated 15A circuit.


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I have the P15 and my partner, who is not into HiFi at all said what a difference it made when put into a system at audition - she said - buy it!


I can only imagine the P20  is better??



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3 hours ago, DSD_Fan said:

I have the P10. Would love a P20 :) 

I'll take your P10 mate so you can buy the P20 hahaha :)

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That's not a power regenerator, its a bank vault!!! I would just buy it for aesthetics alone!!!  

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It is said that having this unit is like living next door to a power generation station. 

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