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good quality HT amp for 5.1 setup ?

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i have  a movie room with 5.1 speakers, and jvc x3 projector, i presently have  Yamaha rx -v1900B amp

mostly use it with movies via the nvidia shield and plex, netflix, prime ,etc

I like the movie room, but we do tend to use the sony 75" (with 5.1 speakers and Sony STR DN 1080 amp-the amp and tv seem to work together well)


i am having issues with the hdmi out on the amp, and i was thinking of getting another home theatre amp to replace the yamaha.


what units would people suggest that are similar. I guess i will go new or 1-2 years old.


Yamaha RX-V685 ?

Denon X1600H?


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I have an 1800b which I am about to replace. It was Yamahas second top amp at the time, I think akin to something like the RXA-2080 now, maybe the 1080, I think it and the 1900 retailed for about $2k over 10 years ago? What I am getting at is, even though the newer avrs you mentioned will have better / newer bells and whistles, the power and likely the sound will generally still be better from the 1900b you have. I would suggest going the option you suggested of 1-2 years old and getting something more in line with todays version of your 1900.

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What is your budget? 

I assume the Sony STR DN1080 is in different room than movie room. And since this one has all the latest features and if it works, why not use that in movie room?


There are some quality AVRs listed in classified, which can be had for the price of Denon and Yamaha you mentioned and would perform much better. May not have the latest features but certainly sound wise they are really good.

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hi, i was thinking , maybe around $1000 as a starting point.

i've seen some second hand units, but i didnt want to go older than 1-4 years


my sony amp is in the Tv room (75" sony) and we use that system every day

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