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wenig watt

Nadeltonabspielgerät T146 Thurow KG, Berlin

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By an unbelievable stroke of luck I came into possession of this device, which was used in the GDR for professional record playback and testing. Released in 1968, developed as a portable device with 16" platter!
The original arm with MM system and balanced preamplifier are included and in top condition.
To save the original system, because I don't have a replacement yet, an excellent Alfred Bokrand Ortofon arm was mounted provisionally next to it.
The unit is absolutely silent and hum free, no matter if you use the built-in arm and preamp or the improvised arm.
Everything is designed by an engineer. Beauty was obviously not a criterion...

There is almost no information and no documentation or circuit diagrams of the device at all.
If anyone knows anything about it, I would be very interested.





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Now some details that belong to it.
I' ve been listening to the device for a little longer now.
There is nothing negative to say about the built-in arm with pickup and preamplifier except a slight noise at high volume. It probably comes from the old components. The sound is very transparent and dynamic. The pickup tracks perfect at 3 grams. The tonal balance is very nice.
The weight is adjusted with a spring, if you are gentle even during playback.
The inner life is professional technology, the absolute hum-free and perfect sound speaks for itself.
I am increasingly in love, this is no nonsense technique.
Oh yes, the tone arm is lowered and raised by means of a motor without vibration, the platter is braked by an electromagnetic brake. Schematics would be really nice...




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It looks amazing.  What's the drive system?  How heavy is the platter? 

Nice to see The Triffids in the background, I can tell that the turntable has caused you to rain with pleasure!

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Might not be beautiful but it has a serious industrial look.  Wonderful you have saved it.

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it is an Idler weel drive. the plate weighs maybe 4-5 kilos. the drive is not as martial as my rek-o-kut but absolutely silent. the sound is similar, very natural never stressed. 
i'm a fan of laughing clowns, go betweens, triffids... since the 80s.

It's a raining pleasure from an east german steel device😄


Text from the 1969 presentation of the device:

The presented device is characterized by partly unconventional solutions. With relatively small dimensions (compared to the usual studio turntables), it is a compact system that includes all auxiliary devices (such as power supply unit, amplifier). The device is easy to operate. The achieved characteristics allow the use of the unit for measuring purposes. All drive- and amplifier-related disturbances are far below the perceptibility limit, so that the T146 is an ideal record player whose universal use is possible not only in record production, but practically at all places where optimum record reproduction is required.

at my home!!😁

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That turntable looks awesome! Congrats on securing it!


"laughing clowns, go betweens, triffids" - three of my all time favourite Aussie bands - nice one!

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In germany it was not easy to get the records, but it was a very impressive phase of pop music anyway and australian bands were way ahead. The turntables in west germany were Lenco, Dual and Thorens. nobody in West Germany would have thought to be interested in the GDR. There was a shortage of everything, not even toilet paper was always available. Who would have thought that there could be such turntables... in fact not everything about socialism was bad 😉 



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