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Item: Orpheus Centre speaker
Price Range:50-150
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: Hi im looking for a orpheus centre speaker must be able to post to tasmania i will pay postage.


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Cash converters in Croidon victoria has a centre(massive)and rears ,don't remem er the price 

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    • By 5L15
      Item Condition: used Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition. Suburb or Town: Sydney 2068 State: New South Wales Payment Method: cash Reason for selling: NLR Further information:    
       These speakers seem to be pretty rare, I can’t find any information of them on the internet except for a minor mention in the above webpage where they earned a Highly Commended  in the Sound and Image Awards 1992.
      The speakers are fully functioning with black vinyl veneer that has a few marks which is to be expected with speakers close to 30 y/o but the music they make more than makes up for the cosmetic issues.
      Kiat from Orpheus confirmed the model (Metaphor) and added that he has no specs on them.
      Dimensions are 250mm deep, 190mm wide and 400mm tall.


    • By I'mInterested
      Item: Orpheus Aurora 2.3 speakers in cherry
      Location: Canberra
      Price: $600
      Item Condition: Very good used condition 
      Reason for selling: No longer required
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:
      Beautiful curved cabinet crafted in real cherry timber veneer, some small wear as shown in pictures which can be seen on close inspection.   Designed by Brad Serhan, manufactured in Australia. $1850 when new from from Kingston Hifi in 2009.   From Orpheus 2009: "How do they sound? The floor standing Aurora's are characterised by a truly wide, 3 dimensional sound stage with pinpoint imaging that captures the ambience of the recording space. The speakers exhibit highly accurate midrange and treble response. This is combined with a truly extended bass end, with weight, punch and timing that is surprising in enclosures of this size and price."   Review available at: http://www.orpheusaudio.com.au/reviews/Aurora_2.3_review.pdf   Local pick up in Canberra preferred (I no longer have the boxes) or I can organise a quote from packsend to freight to you.   3 driver, 2 1/2 way floor standing speaker, 100 watts, 4 ohms impedience, 91dB sensitivity, biwire capable, comes with speaker spikes, bridging metal plate insert (if you chose not to biwire) and owners manual.   H 890, W 190 D 280.     
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By U&S Audio Visual
      Location: PRESTON
      Price: $599 WAS $999
      Payment Method: CASH /CREDIT CARD / EFT
      Extra Info: WHITE

    • By Bree K
      These are a fantastic pair of speakers, with excellent sound quality. If you are looking at them, you should know them
      We just got some B&Ws, but these will give any speaker in this price range a run for their money. Sadly, we don't have room to keep them as a second system.
      Happy to audition on pick up from Camperdown, Sydney. Comes with front grills. Price is relatively firm at $850.
      PM me if interested. Thanks!
    • By Peta
      Item: Orpheus Aurora 3 speakers with the better sounding and prettier curved cabinets. Specially selected by Kiat
      Location: Canberra
      Price: $1,000 Reduced 50% because I want to sell to make space.
      Item Condition: Near perfect
      Reason for selling: Making space and not used so much now
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: These speakers perform exceptionally for the price. Sound stage is precise and you get solid and pinpoint location of instruments, voices (male and female ranges are consistent) and there is a depth and breadth that you can "feel". The speakers were specially selected by Kiat at my request and negotiated through the late Kingston Hi Fi here in Canberra. In my opinion the matching made a significant difference in the sound image quality. I bi-amped these speakers with two Bel Canto Ref series (500S and 150S) with great results. I have spikes but did not use them on my slate floor. Good cables help bring out the detail and I can vouch for bi-amping producing better detail. Suggest also that using a subwoofer for below 80Hz will improve mid bass definition. I tried these with the rear facing bass reflex ports closed and open and recommend having them open and using a subwoofer to take away the lower bass load. It made quite a difference to the stability of stereo imaging. Power handling is at least 200W per channel but efficiency is high so even 20W should be enough for listening to music. Orpheus is a sister company to Duntech who should be well recognised around this place.
      I have held onto these because I wanted to set up another room but have turned that into an office. The speakers I replaced them with cost 4x as much and are more subtle in the upper ranges and tighter in the mid-bass. Not a significant difference in stereo imaging. Doing dual duty for music and home theatre was no problem at all - the Aurora 3s are possibly better for the movies.
      The speakers are about 25 Kg each so if you are not in Canberra the only way we can get these to you is for you to organise your preferred courier (Pack n Send do well but it is your choice) and I will take the speakers to them for transport. I have original boxes but they have been damaged by insects in the shed and they probably need to be wrapped up in protective materials to protect the excellent finish in jarrah veneer. BTW the veneer does not fade in sunlight.
      Talk to me about these speakers. Be warned that I will be sad to see them go. They got me loving my music again.

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