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SOLD: FS: Klipsch RP-440C Reference Premiere Centre Channel Speaker

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Item Condition: Excellent as new, No box, Walnut
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Harrison
State: Australian Capital Territory
Payment Method: Paypal (free friend&family, +3%, Cash on Pickup, Bank transfer
Reason for selling: Not used

Further information:

This Klipsch center is highly recommend for home theatre system. I purchased about 2 years ago but used only few times since bought a Thiel SC4 to make it a centre with my Thiel sc2.4 as front. Prefer local pick up or can ship at buyer’s expenses.

RRP: 1,090 in Digital Cinema



Reviews are here:







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    • By mfroes
      Hi Guys,
      another newbie question.
      I've been after some speaker wire. i've seen people use cat5/cat6 and all that but i think i'd just stick to standard speaker wires.
      I'll be using the furthest speaker with about 17-18m because of how the speaker wire needs to be routed.
      All speakers are rated at 150W but the Front ones that are rated at 250W.
      the amp will be set under the TV and the only wires to be routed to the right will be the front right and the Surround right
      all other ones will have to be routed through the left  passing from the TV through Subwoofer, front left, surround left, back left and back right (about 17m)
      unfortunately the house is rented and i cannot drill foor/wall/ceiling.
      I've read online that i would need 14 Gauge wiring for the speakers but didnt say anything about distance. was just power and ohms.
      Would it be ok to use 12Gauge instead of 14 gauge? would that have any implications ?
      or better to just stick with 14 gauge? 
      would anyone have any suggestions on wire to buy that wouldnt be that expensive?
      what are the thoughts on ugly?
      have anyone used knukonceptz ?
      I think i'll need in total about 70-75m of wiring so can get expensive fast.
      the idea is to use banana plugs for everything.
      i would probably use the same wire with RCA connector for the sub.
      current setup:
      Front: NHT C4
      Centre: Gale 20
      Back & Surround: Axis LS28
      Subwoofer: Sound Dynamics THS-10
      FL   S                C                     FR
      SL                                              SR
      BL                                             BR
      distance from amp:
      C(enter): 3-4m to be able to route through the tv unit
      S(ub):  4m
      FL: 5m
      FR: 6m
      SL: 10m
      SR: 12m
      BL: 14m
      BR: 18m
    • By Nope
      Item: klipsch 
      Price Range: 3500-4000
      Item Condition:  Used
      Extra Info: With original packing 
      Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
    • By E-Gene
      Item Condition: Used but as new Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition. Suburb or Town: Maidstone State: Victoria Payment Method: Paypal, Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: Changed my set up Further information: I got these speakers 2 years ago when I wanted to set up a turntable in my room but didn't want the expense of an amp. Also didn't have the space for it. These speakers did the job and did them very well! They not only have phono inputs, they have optical, aux, USB and Bluetooth as well! Comes with a slick remote control, so you can adjust this all from the comfort of your chair! If you know what Klipsch speakers are capable of, then you know that these are awesome!
      I've since moved my turntable to my living room and it now runs off an AV amp and I don't need these anymore. Truly great speakers that will benefit someone who wants to connect to their turntable but still have the luxury of listening to Spotify off their phones using Bluetooth. Or connect to your computer using USB.
      Condition is as new. No dinks or scratches. They have never been moved from when I took them out of the box and placed them on my desk.
      Read about them here. I can't seem to find somewhere in Australia that sells them other than here and RRP is $1199.
      Pickup only from Maidstone VIC as I don't have the original box for them. Happy to audition them at pickup.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By bbc802
      I am not sure this should be here and for my first real post it may be a bit long but I hope to learn quickly how to use the forum. 
      I am currently looking at different options for isolation, and am getting a bit overwhelmed with the number of options and the extent of things I don't know but have set on a journey that I believe you can also help shape and that I am laying down below. 
      I saw that (industrial) anti vibration pads and a massive wooden or stone platform is a common recommendation here on SNA (for speakers and TT) , but I'm trying to focus on solutions with lower visual footprint for now (and a platform as a solution would also mean I need to keep the spikes under my speaker (bottom ported) which I fear would have a significant impact on the height of the tweeter) 
      I settled on isolation and not coupling after 
      1) experiencing a nice improvement in clarity and timber of instruments after installing Herbie's audio decoupling gliders below my speaker spikes (WB Vector) 
      2) noticing (after that) that I could hear the bass through the sofa while my other ear was blocked. And this with the speakers playing at night at background noise level (55db slow c-weighted). My standard listening level are around 60dB with peak 70db. 
      As I browsed online through the different type of isolation device, I could notice many different designs which I decided to try testing out a bit. In the back of my mind I'd love to be able after that to understand what it is best for me in my system to isolate (horizontal vibrations, vertical one or both) and I'll take any clue from you guys if you don't mind sharing. 
      But until I get there, I have to rely on my testing in my system 
      While admitedly my listening levels are nowhere near crazy and I should be able to leave with what I have, I am still keen to proceed in isolating my speakers:
      - if only to prevent any potential complaint from my neighbours. 
      - to get some even better sound 
      - to decrease the extent of the filtering I run in the Hqplayer convolution engine so as to regain 3 to 8db of dynamics in the system
      To give some context, I am using a simple system with
      - a mac mini running roon+hqplayer on audiolinux
      - matrix x-spdif 2 to convert USB to AES/EBU
      - soulution 330 integrated with Dac
      - WB Vector on spikes
      Positioning of the speaker is not a variable (except toe in) and listening position can be adjusted a bit

      Digital gear is all stuck in the TV console (a few vertical vibration resonance modes) 
      (I haven't managed yet to understand how to insert images in-line from my phone so they may well be at the very end of the post.) 
      So I set up to gather some relatively inexpensive isolation footers (images below) to compare different designs... on my amp (before I spend for the speakers). 
      I have so far only focused on footers, big heavy platforms being a difficult topic to bring up with my better half and have started testing:
      - some ceraball type of aluminium footers (made in China, not the real ones)
      - stainless steel slim 3 ball bearing footer (with balls almost totally "locked" in dimples barely bigger their size. 
      - ebony/crystal 3 ball bearing footer (here the dimple for the balls are a bit bigger than the balls and the central piece of the footer is a simple rod, giving more freedom to the 2 pieces of the footer as compared to the one above
      - chinese magnetic footers with ball bearing on top (similar to the above stainless steel one) 
      Coming later for testing:
      - herbie audio lab tenderfeet
      - ingress engineering rollerblock 
      - townshend audio isolation platform
      I have so far reached the best results with 4 magnetic footers under the feet of the amp but am wondering whether I am in an optimal situation:
      - how to determine whether they're loaded enough (they're rated up to 40 kg but the top is barely sinking into the main body and the amp is barely moving when pushed either sideways or vertically (amp weight is between 30 and 32 kg I'd say) 
      - how to determine the center of gravity of the amp to try with only 3 footers (I can always adjust the height of these footers but guess it's best to have all of them loaded equally) 
      - what's the lifespan of a magnetic footer (I wouldn't want one of the magnet to suddenly fail and prop the amp suddenly down) 
      Now to how does it sound:
      The magnetivc footers bring a more natural tone, a little more laid back feeling with still good dynamics, a lot of smoothness yet no emphasis on bas or mid bass, a more open highs, more detail. 
      Comparatively, in my system:
      - amp on the ebony footers would rate second with more warmth and a bigger soundstage
      - amp on the ground would rate next with a natural and neutral delivery, more detail popping than the ebony footers
      - the stainless steel ball bearings would follow then with a less smooth delivery than the ebony footers and an overemphasised bass/medium bass but a bit more detail.
      - Finaly my chinese ceraball delivers the most detail (except for the magnetic footers) but everything is metallic, soundstage is deconstructed, everything's extremely gritty, probably better with warmer or slower systems
      My next step will then to be to compare the magnetic footers with the newcomers before I try to assess whether I want to use the same type of footers for the speakers (with the added need to make sure it's safe in a baby friendly environment)

      As you can see, there's still a lot to try and the process is not necessarily the most coherent, so I'll welcome your thoughts on what I could/should try. 
      Also as you can see my journey so far has been mostly subjective. 
      I tried to measure the impact of each footer in term of vibrations using a vibration app on my phone, but it lacks precision and none of the footers seem to produce so far a profile different from the floor itself (main resonance maybe at 8 hz, background noise of about 0.03m/s2 on each axis) 
      I have to make REW work on my headless Linux machine running HQP, but until then I "rely" on the seismic app on my phone (not really useful) . With that I can just tell that my TV console with all the digital gear resonates like crazy when fighter jets rush over my head (but then I can't hear the music, so not such a big deal) 
      If anyone has experience with different types of footers, subjective or measured, I'll welcome your inputs and I'll keep you posted when new findings come up
      PS: my most listened to tracks right now are nursery rhymes as I am looking for various (and listenable) baby approved songs in Chinese, French and English, so testing will take a long time I fear for lack of proper available time. Good news is that I'll have that time to read your comments. 

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