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Live albums - were you there

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Last year we went down to the Fourm to see the Teskey Brothers they announced they were recording the night for a live album, I didn't think that much of it as I'm not that big a fan of live albums anymore. Anyway the show was so damm good we talked about getting the album (first mistake) 

About a month ago the wife decided to "surprise" me with the album. I gave a little yay but was a bit pissed not to be involved in the press selection. I opened the gift to find a big dog ear in the corner from some bad handling, still in the shrink wrap I contemplated taking it back but could see the in store argument, "why buy it if it was already bent" 

It sat unopened in my music room for a month before one evening after a few I was asked how the record was? Let's go have a listen? 

Opened up and it was the limited double on  blue vinyl, ment for record store day that got postponed. https://www.discogs.com/The-Teskey-Brothers-Live-At-The-Forum/release/15343161

The music content is top notch but the surface noise lets it down a bit, tolerable but a wonder what the US or EU versions sound like? Has anyone heard them? The only doubles were blue and pressed in AU the other variant being an "indie" version with some posters. 


I've pushed past the half century and been to many concerts but I think this is the first record I have where I was 100% at the show, anyone have any favourites they were at?


One thing I was a bit jaded on was they did a smoking version of War Pigs that never made the cut. May have to wait twenty years for some basement tapes to emerge! 

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Does anyone remember the last concert of Dire Straights world Tour (the 17th in Sydney) which was televised live worldwide? I was there. None of that made it to album release, but significant in itself. I was there at the Entertainment Centre. The band stopped for each televised commercial break and we had to sit there and watch Jacko doing Energizer ads on the big screen. 

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I was at this in London in 1975

A couple of rows from the front

Still one of the best rock n roll shows I’ve ever seen




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I also saw this and literally dozens off other shows 

i may be wrong but I think this was their last ever performance at least in Brisbane 

Saddest thing ever when Grant McLennan died



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Eva Cassidy concert recorded on and was a 44th birthday present from my wife. I forbade her mentioning this lest she might sing a verse to me. How friggin stupid was I?


The Jill Scott concert was great evening with my 15 year old daughter, her friend and my wife. We had dinner at The Old Ebbit Grill before the show and low and behold Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees was sitting at the bar. It was a terrific concert and Ernie Isley joined in for the finale.


A little over two weeks later the 9/11 attacks occurred and a month later my wife left me and my daughter. That last thing was a positive ending to a horrible month. 15952060950951332035196.thumb.jpg.c93078abbe9d89a0b03aa3ffe9daa9b5.jpg


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