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Yuri P

Affordable turntable for the old man... suggestions?

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I'm looking to complete my dad's hifi system so he can once again enjoy his extensive record collection.

He's been without a turntable for the best part of 20 years but his medical state means he is fairly housebound

now and music is a large part of his recreation these days. His system is by no means spectacular but the

90's Jamo Concerts, Denon PMA-720ae, TU-1500 (thanks for the advice everyone!) and DCD-520ae are a lively

combination that are definitely a step up from your average department store bookshelf scenario.


My question is this: What would be a suitable turntable in the entry/$500(ish) range that would be easy enough to use

and sound reasonable?


My current thinking is something along the lines of:


Rega Planar 1


Pro-ject Essentials III


Denon DP-300F


His collection is basically 99% LPs so changing speed is not really a big deal. Stylistically it's primarily Classical

with a handfull of hot jazz and folk.


Any suggestions welcome.

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the Denon being auto would be a bonus if medical conditions are lingering, a better cartridge could be an upgrade in the future

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I'd be inclined to look for a good older unit, perhaps a Lenco 75 or Thorens. 

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Semi Auto would be an option to consider

Depends how "Handy" you are in fixing non fuctioning TT's that come available.

Your Dad might have more of a liking of the 1970-80and first year if 1990 as after that the CD stepped in!

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Hi Yuri


I have a Pro-ject 1Xpression Carbon Classic advertised in classifieds which would be a step up from the Pro-ject Essentials. Its a manual deck but in excellent condition. See link below.





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Grab a Victor QL-Y5 from Japan. About $700 shipped, another $300 for a full recap. These servo S arm tables will out track anything I've ever come across and are dead easy to operate and have top tier performance unmatched by any current production table.

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Posted (edited)

I picked this one up for not a lot.

Had a fault electrically and needed a decent service/clean plus a re-calibration.

Now it is playing again  beautiful.

The head shell did hide the Empire 300ML cartridge (minus Stylus).

So there is a way to get some decent stuff for not a lot.

Bye the way by switching start mode to off it becomes a semi auto Turntable.

And the little alloy cup just above the nameplate is the optimum needle position of the Tone arm!

You do not get this sort of detail on the new ones!

The competition in the 1980ish was fierce indeed!

The spend is New Belt, New stylus, some contact cleaner, machine oil and some naus how to go about it. 

My current one to be done is a B&O 1000 TT! 

I like saving these classics from Landfill!

Sanyo TP 700.jpg

Edited by Analog Revenge
extra info

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This Elac  Miracord 610 was also destined for the Landfill site!

Unbelievable, Just the solid hardwood case with lid alone would custom house my Thorens nicely!

Decent service, a stylus , clean plus some teak oil and polish has made this now an object of desire for one of my friends who is determined to get it off me somehow!

It sounds magnificent.

So I can go on with more projects but maybe this will inspire you to get together with your dad and do it as a son and father project!


elac TT.jpg

elac TT angle.jpg

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