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Headphone Amp/Dac Set Up.

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Hi All,


I want to try a Schiit Magni and Modi 3 combo as it seems like a good combo for $500. However, I am currently using a Asus Xonar STI soundcard on pc and want to know if there will be noticeable improvement? Besides the improved sound quality, I also want to have a dedicated separate set up without reliant turning on the whole PC being turned on etc..


I also have a Yamaha WXC-50 which I could use as a Dac/Streamer and could just pair up with the Magni or another headphone amp, is this worth exploring? 



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You could certainly try the Yamaha with a headphone amplifier.

Modi 3 does measure better than Yamaha DAC but if you can hear that or not would be up to you.


If you buy an amp first and you don't want a DAC then you save some money. If you add a DAC and want to use the Yamaha as a streamer then connect the optical out to the DAC.



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Optical out of my WXC-50 goes into my Ares II, sounds pretty good. I basically use my Ares II as a pre for switching digital sources, then into the Copland integrated.

Only 2 inputs to the Copland required DAC and TT.

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