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Hi new here to the forum,


After many months of COVId19 enforced WFH, I've gotten the itch to improve my home office setup. 


Ive mainly been into IEMs in the past, and own universal AAW w900, flc8s, dunu titans. I tend to prefer neutralish signatures with good bass texture and natural soundstage.  


My budget is around $1000 and tossing up between either some desktop speakers or open backed headphones. (Including DAC/amp)


My office is pretty small at about 3m by 3m so any speaker would have to be placed fairly close to the wall. 


Any suggestions for setups? I prefer the sound of speakers, but with my budget and room I'm thinking a midfi rig (like a Sundara or 2nd hand AFO + dx3) might be a better option. 




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IK Multimedia MTM


Mini monitors, go low, DSP, Mic for setup included.

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Thanks for the recommendation! those look good, might see if i can audition them. Are they good for listening to music? they look more for studio monitoring and mixing

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Yeah still good. Fairly nuetral, bit of warm tilt. The DSP is the key. So set them up, stick mic where your head would be, calibrate and done.


As for a headphone setup. Sundara would be a decent pick yeah. Or a used Ananda. Then any of the $200-500 all-in-ones or mini stacks that get rave reviews. Topping, Schiit, SMSL etc.

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      All original boxes, literature and spikes for stands (not shown).
      $6000+900 (approx.)
      Transducer system: 
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      50Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB, free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response
      6 ohms, easy to drive
      85dB/1W/1m. Addit: see stereophile review. Measured about 87dB if that matters.
      Amplifier suggestion: 
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      Location: Adelaide preferred so I can audition.

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