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Hi all


Complete noobie here and hoping I can get some assistance with setting up an NX1000D amp I have for my DIY 12 inch Dayton Ultramax. 


First up does anyone have their Setup I can dl to look at via the software. 


I'm just confused as I'm no audio guy at all and wanting to be sure I minimise the risk of blowing the driver as well as get a decent result. I'm not understanding how I set the crossover correctly, it has 2 values you input, I thought you just set one... 


Anyway any assistance on a clean Setup before I plug it in to tune from there appreciated


FYI I intend to wire it up in bridge mode

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You will have to set both high pass and low pass on it if it os the dsp version. 


This is dead easy, you cannot stuff really blow your drivers (unless you're really silly), keep volume low at stsrt and tinker. 


Playing is learning 

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