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SOLD: FS: NAD M10 streaming amplifier

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Item Condition: Very Good Condition
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Thornbury
State: Victoria
Payment Method: PayPal, Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: A merge of two households

Further information: 

NAD Masters series M10 BluOS streaming amplifier.  (RRP is $4499)
I have owned this amplifier since October 2019, and it is a joy to use. Sound quality and the BluOS operating system leave Sonos for dust, and it is flexible and granular in its search capabilities of your own music library.  BluOS is currently rated to support libraries of over 200,000 tracks, which is a hell of a lot of albums. Having Airplay2 and Bluetooth is very useful, and if you have Bluetooth headphones, the M10 supports listening to them via two-way aptX HD. Having MQA decoding on-board is a fantastic way to get the most out of Tidal Masters. It's a lot of fun to compare CD to Hi-Res Audio versions of the same recordings, and listen for the improvements.
The M10 is a mighty amplifier, using NAD's Hybrid Digital nCore high-end technology (as seen in other NAD high-end Masters series amplifiers), and has won many product-of-the-year awards. This is the hot amplifier on the market right now, and has been incredibly well-designed. The choice of screens to use on the front display is a great touch. NAD have a nice page on the design of the M10 here:  https://nadelectronics.com/behind-the-design-of-the-nad-m10/
I am regretfully selling as part of a merge of two households. The amp is in very good condition, and I'm happy to answer any questions on it.
The following text is from NAD's website:  https://nadelectronics.com/product/m10-bluos-streaming-amplifier/
The audio world has shifted. Where once available solely on discs, the best quality of music is now delivered over the internet. Not only does it sound better, but entire catalogues of recorded music are more accessible than ever before. Curated playlists make music selection and discovery easy and fun, while multi-room wireless audio multiplies the possibilities. The NAD Masters M10 combines all of this goodness with state-of-the-art amplification to make it an all-in-one solution that will transport you to your favourite musical destination.
The NAD M10 represents a new kind of high-end audio system that is luxurious and smart, but very discreet. It can perform the same functions that once required a rack full of components and in many ways is superior. The elegant form factor takes up very little space and can even be hidden away, but the beautiful design and colourful display will encourage you to place the M10 front and centre.
  • BluOS Streaming Amplifier
  • HybridDigital nCore Amplifier
  • Continuous Power: 100W into 8/4 Ohms
  • Dynamic Power: 160W into 8 Ohms / 300W into 4 Ohms
  • 32-BIT/384kHz ESS Sabre DAC
  • 1GHz ARM® CORTEX A9 Processor
  • Dirac Live Room Correction*
  • Supports MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) decoding
  • Hi-Res Audio certified
  • Colour TFT display, with Gorilla Glass
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control Skills
  • AirPlay 2 Integration
  • Supports Siri Voice Assistant via AirPlay 2
  • Two-way Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth (i.e. listen on Bluetooth headphones)
  • NFC Bluetooth pairing for compatible smart devices
  • BluOS multi-room compatible (up to 64 zones)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI eARC, sends TV audio to M10 via single HDMI cable
  • USB Type A Input
  • Stereo Line Inputs x 2
  • Coaxial & Optical Digital Inputs
  • Preamp Output
  • Dual Mono Subwoofer Outputs
  • IR Input, 12V Trigger Out
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Crestron, Control4, RTI, URC, Elan, Lutron, iPort, Push
  • Wide variety of premium music services supported in App, including Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Deezer, Qobuz and many others


*The M10 includes a license for Dirac Live with the option for advanced users to upgrade to a Dirac Live Full Frequency version.

If shipping is required, I will send with Australia Post Standard. I do not have the original carton, but I do have all accessories, and will package the amplifier very securely. I can quote on the shipping cost based on your location.
























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If I hadn't already purchased the Primare i15 Prisma, I'd be jumping on this. Great price for a great product.

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No worries! I hope others share your sentiment.


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did you activate the dirac full license ?

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No, I never activated DIRAC

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32 minutes ago, MikeTangoSierra said:

No, I never activated DIRAC

Suggest you compare M10+Dirac vs your other box that you are keeping.  Dirac makes a big difference.

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    • By dr_carl
      Does anyone know why nearly every DAC that does MQA will only do it via USB input? Is there any technical reason for this restriction?
      If I'm limited by my streamer to digital SPDIF output then MQA decoding via USB input only is not useful.
      Please share your knowledge. 
    • By Tachines
      Item: NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier
      Price Range: 2000-2500 depending on condition, warranty etc
      Item Condition: Used
      Extra Info: Looking for an intergreated amp with DAC and Bluetooth/Airplay in-built to pair with Dynaudio Excite X44, this all-in-one streamer really catched my eyes. If you have anything similar to M10 in this price range please also feel free to comment or PM.
    • By niss_man
      Just putting this thread up as promised to @DavidDoerfer who kindly paid forward some free gear a few weeks ago.
      I received this amplifier for free from David. A NAD 3155 a bit of research shows they were built in 1985 and this one has been particularly well looked after. Nad specs. I wish all amps had proper specs like this (not many do anymore) instead of inflated power figures at high distortion figures this one shows both chanels driven from 20-20khz with no more than the rated distortion (which is nice and low). 

      I decided to not even power this amp up and just went into replacing a few capacitors and checking all of them with my meter. Mind you I would have expected this to have worked since most caps were well within spec. The board looked in good condition with what seemed to be original transistors as well.



      You will notice that all the electrolytic capacitors on each board have their negative side all facing the same direction. Makes it easy to know which way to place the caps when soldering. (nice engineering thought).


      I always found the heatsinks in these Nads interesting. It looks like they used an L piece of extruded aluminium and then get some sharp fins to scrape down the edges to create the fins for the heatsink as evident by the curly ends of the fins.

      I haven't checked, but I think these are original transistors.





      The caps I replaced. Note that 95% of these were still within spec but I replaced them anyway with new ones. I didn't replace the Power supply caps but they were well within spec and reused them.

      I connect a bulb tester (have not got a variac). the bulb is connected in series with the 240v mains and the amp pluged in afterwards. When powering up the bulbs glows bright briefly (less than a few tenths of a second) before dimming down to barely just on. If it continues to glow brightly then there is something wrong with the amp blown transistor or what not that needs to be fault rectified. This amp was perfectly fine.

      The bigger multimeter not connected here was used to show the dc offset on both chanels which was un der 0.5mV for both channels. The 2 smaller multimeters show the standby (quiescent) current through the power transistors. The manual states 20 - 25mV setting. Only a very minor tweak was needed for one channel once warmed up. It was still passable before adjusting though.

      Put some sine wave through. Used a 7.3ohm resistor as load and just before clipping.

      That was 36.8v peak...so   for those who like math.   36.8 / root2 = 26v rms
      V = IR  so Current = 26/ 7.3  (7.3 ohm load resistors)   = 3.56 A
      Power = VI   = 26 x 3.56  = 92Watts into the single channel being tested.

      Running both channels at the same time produced 33.2V Peak so it has around 3V droop in supply voltage with both channels used as can be expected.
      This equates to 75W per channel both channels flat out. This actually exceeded the NAD spec sheet although I didn't have any distortion meter on their so I could have been over driving it slighly even though the scope showed no flat spotting of the peaks of signal.
      Finally some pics of the amp playing through some speakers. The amp still sounds great and hopefully has another good 20 years of life left in it.



      Can't tell this is a diy household at all can we.
      Cheers Simon
    • By SoundGuy
      Item Condition: Used - Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition. Suburb or Town: Perth State: Western Australia Payment Method: Bank transfer + paypal pay a friend only Reason for selling: NLR Further information:
      I’ve had many network players/streamers in the past, and this is the best I’ve had so far. built-in 2 x 2TB hard drive for storing ur music. It is also a CD player and ripper. U can rip ur CD directly to built in hard drive. It is also a network/spotify/tidal player. 🙂 
      Retail is $6999. 
      If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved

    • By dan-m9
      Item Condition: Very Good Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Toowoomba State: Queensland Payment Method: Paypal (+2.6% Fees) , EFT, Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: NLR Further information:
      In very good condition, clean inside (no dust) and working perfectly as new (no scratchy pots etc), selling due to tube amp upgrade.

      It does come with a working remote BUT it is not the original remote.
      2 Channel - 80W Per Channel
      Still a current model that sells for over $1,000 AUD new.
      Any questions please ask.  

      Extra Info/Specs:





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