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Long time browser of this site, first time poster. 


I'm looking forward to sharing some of my own experiences with two channel audio in challenging settings. By "challenging" I mean small spaces with lots of hard and reflective surfaces (your typical CBD apartment!), a personal aesthetic that abhors visual clutter (randomly strewn black boxes and wires get the stink-eye from my wife!), and limited budget (of course).


But more importantly I look forward to hearing views and advice from these forums. I've moved into a new place (with the exact same "challenges") and as I set up my new listening space and equipment, it's a chance to discuss, trade, buy, and sell with all you lovely people :)


- Quinn

Primary listening space: large open plan living / kitchen, ceramic tile, concrete, and glass

Current setup: Windows HTPC > FLAC library and Spotify Premium > Audioengine A2 > Velodyne SPL800R

On its way in: KEF x300a Wireless, SVS SB12-NSD, Audioengine D3 DAC

In the market for: active bookshelfs or monitors with optical input and built in DAC and subwoofer output, matching subwoofer to my incoming SVS SB12-NSD



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Hi Quinn


Welcome aboard mate.  Fantastic intro, and sone great equipment you gave there 


Lots of great forums and some very knowledgeable people to learn from here 


And the classified’s are a great place to pick up some bargains, but you will have to make a few posts before your given access to them. 



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