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Opinions/Experience Needed!

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Hey All,


Been off the radar for a while! Moved countries, changed jobs etc (been busy!).

I've been recently working on an exciting phono-related start-up, which is looking to develop a product to assist people with making better decisions when buying cartridges.

To help steer this in the right direction, I am looking to get some opinions from you fine folk.

If you are at all interested in answering a short (less than 5mins) anonymous/informal survey about your experience with phono cartridges please simply reply 'yep' and I'll PM you a link.

I had a lot of fun putting the survey together, I think you may enjoy completing it!



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59 minutes ago, audiofeline said:

Am happy to help, if I'm capable.


8 minutes ago, Juzbear said:

 No worries


38 minutes ago, MTsoul said:



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