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Where do you get your capacitors and transistors?

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As per title, where are you guys getting your caps and transistors? I'm looking to replace them on one of my devices for the first time, and am having a hard time sourcing the parts as specified in the service manual.


The only place I am able to find stock of most of these is on overseas sellers on eBay, and they are charging exorbitant prices for them.


Also, do people commonly settle for similarly rated parts when servicing their boards? Looking at the list of transistors I need, I might have to get alternatives for all of them. Is this unusual?

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Avoid all eBay listings as there are fakes everywhere you look, stick to Element14 RS components Mouser and Digikey, they will sell you low quantities of anything in there inventory.  This goes for anything such as SS devices or passive components....

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4 hours ago, Addicted to music said:

RS components

which were some time ago outrageously expensive, are no longer so and offer free delivery with no spend limit.

But always first check WES components and if you do not have a trade account, their retail arm Wagner.

If you are not in a hurry, there is always X-On here in Perth and Altronics which is national now but they only stock the most common stuff.

X-On has stock in hundreds of thousands of items but is difficult to navigate and you have to wait for delivery, for most of it comes from Taiwan via USA.

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As above, mouser and digikey are good, maybe deliver to sydney in 2 days, 3 the most.

The AUD is all over the place so compare prices with locals such as RS,,, who sometimes insist that you buy 100 units when you only need 2...


Regarding transistors, don't try and source "new old stock", especially hard to get transistors, the ebay items will be expensive and fakes most likely. Replace with modern day equivalents. Post the number eg, "C458" and people will recommend a replacement, eg, KSC1815...

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Guest ianttt

Another thumbs up for Digikey.Vast inventory and their shipping is super fast via UPS.

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