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HI All,


Does anyone have any reviews on the Arcam CDS 50. I am looking to get a streamer & as it has a CD player as well I am thinking this might be a good solution. I currently use a Chrome Audio cast through my Yamaha receiver but would like to have a seperate streamer.

I have read it doesn't do spotify? But can do Tidal, could I use the chrome audio cast to do the spotify still through the Arcam?

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Its a great machine with a fantastic performance but I would consider it primarily a CD/SACD player with streaming capability. As such, the streaming side of things is not as flexible as some other products, but then most other products dont have a CD player built in! Chromecast into the Arcam would work so long as you have one to plug into the digital input.


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Agree with Hydrology, a fine player for CD and SACD ,its a pity it doesn't support Spotify connect or even Airplay .

I have the Arcam r Doc it has a lightning connection for i phone or ipad.

 I plug the r Doc via coaxial into the CD 50 to stream Spotify or anything else on my device.

The Spotify sounds great never drops out unlike with airplay.

Ultimately id like a device with Spotify connect with no DAC  that i could connect to the CD 50 DAC and have the i pad or i phone free instead of connected to a Doc.


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