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FREE Pair of old speakers - Magnavox 8WR Mark V in cabinets (one faulty)

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Item: Pair of full range Magnavox 8WR Mark V 8 ohm speakers in cabinets.  Seen better days; one faulty (treble only)
Price Range: Free!
Item Condition: Very much used.  Some damage to boxes.  Drivers look okay but not brilliant.
Extra Info:  Pickup from Croydon North 3136 Victoria


A pair of Magnavox 8WR 8 ohm speakers with enclosures.  Both have old connector plugs on them but cables are included.  Front grilles pop out so you can get to the drivers.  

Only one of them works properly - the other is treble only.  Could be repairable or a fun project.  Drivers allegedly top out at 12kHz.








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