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18 hours ago, gwurb said:

Airplay only supports 44.1/16. Masters is higher than that. Tidal Hifi is 44.1/16.


Chromecast should be able to do Masters as it can do 96/24.




I've never used NP5 but it seems odd that Primare Prisma app doesn't have Tidal integration.


CXN doesn't have MQA support so no Masters via their app. For CXN you need another device to take the masters track and send it over wire to CXN. For example a PC to CXN as DAC.


PS. Primare have or had an offer that for new Tidal subscribers you get 3 months free Tidal HiFi. Look around the net to find out if it's still running and if you are eligible, etc.


edit 2: Doing some searching on the net I found that streaming tidal masters via Chromecast results in HiFi quality being played on Primare. These posts talk about that on the other Primare streamers.



Cheapish options that will do MQA is Blue Sound Node 2i. There is always NAD C 658 or Naim or a few others but the price starts rising.

I believe you should be able to stream mqa via chromecast if you install the mconnect player and integrate it with Tidal. Here is the playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.conversdigital&hl=en_AU

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I thought I'd update you all on my situation.    I ended up buying myself the Audiolab 6000A and 6000CDT, along with a Primare NP5 streamer and Wharfedale Evo 4.1. If listened to a lot of mu

Heaps of good advice on here already.    My wife has moderate to severe hearing loss (one ear worse than the other) and uses Phonac Marvel 90s.   I'd recommend good tight clear boo

If you get speakers that give you clarity and great timing it will be easier to hear details in dialogue.    I would vote for good stereo setup over 3.1 .   If you buy some things sec

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@leon0001 I auditioned a Hegel amp (H90 I believe), a Primare i15 and the Audiolab 6000a. I did also listen to a few other amps but with different speaker combinations.  


The Hegel and Primare were Bothe great machines, but they didn't have all of the inputs I wanted. Plus they would have blown my budget.

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thanks mate, seems I am going down with 6000a as well, now just need to wait for a good bargain!

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@Little_Joe i own a yamaha wxa-50, found the vocal bit thin. Audioned the bluenode 2i and NAD 3020. But the hifi place wasnt a really nice place for listening tbh. The sales guy in the store told me every amp sounds pretty much the same lol 

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@leon0001 I'm liking my combination. It works well for both music and films. I'm sure there are better combinations out there, but this is a good setup for me based on the amount I was willing to spend. 


It definitely helps to think of what you will be plugging into your amp now and what you may want to add in the future.  I could have bought a better integrated amp, but the ones I liked didn't have a phono input so I would then need to buy extra equipment to connect a turntable. 

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      Item Condition: As new - no marks whatsoever Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available. Suburb or Town: Reservoir State: VIC Payment Method: Cash on pickup Reason for selling: Doesn't suit my current setup, and I'm raising funds for a house move Further information:
      I've had this amp for almost 2 years, driving bookshelves in my bedroom setup. It's rated at 70wpc into 8ohms, and I think I've honestly used about 5 of those at most. I recently switched speakers (to Special Forties) and found this to not work as well with them as my new Weston Topaz, so, out it goes. 
      It runs quiet and cool, and includes the original box, remote and paperwork.
      The only thing to note is that these amps don't like being woken from standby with the input selector - if you try it will occasionally flick back to standby rather than power on. Initially I thought this was a fault with my specific amp, but Qualifi swapped it for another (different serial number) and it does the same thing. I can only conclude it's a quirk of the design. Simply wake it from standby with the remote and there's no issue. I only mention it for full disclosure. 
      Strictly pick up only, and no audition, but you have my iron clad guarantee it works as designed. Price is firm and on the low side to encourage a hassle-free transaction. Attempts to haggle on my doorstep will be met with a polite request to leave.

      Sorry for the one poor photo - it's currently in the box on top of the cupboard. The only difference between mine and stock photos on the internet is that I (very carefully) removed the plastic plugs in the speaker terminals. 
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      Hi Guys,
      Monitor Audio shines in High, mid and lows
      Great balanced speaker.
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      Item Condition: Very Good Condition Shipping Options: Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: SE Suburbs State: Victoria Payment Method: EFT Reason for selling: NLR Further information:
      Selling my Bryston BP26 Pre-Amplifier and MPS-2 Power supply combo both in Black Colour. The units were both purchased from Carlton Audio Visual in 2016. There is 16 years warranty still remaining on both units. The overall condition of both the Pre-Amp and Power supply are in very good condition.  I do not have the original packaging but can organise shipping interstate.  The BP26 does not come with a remote as this was a factory option at the time, but a Logitech remote can be used.  
      Current RRP new is $10000, price is negotiable if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
      No-Compromise Preamp
      Bryston's BP-26 preamplifier offers a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of recorded music. Designed inside and out to reflect the improvements in the entire Bryston line, the BP-26 is a perfect match to Bryston's new SST series of amplifiers. All aspects of the signal flow are greatly improved, with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher overload levels.
      "Great-Sounding and Forward-Looking"
      The BP-26 won an Editors' Choice Award 2020 from The Absolute Sound magazine, which noted, "The BP26 sounds musical and engaging with fabulous rhythmic drive and momentum. It is tonally neutral with an open quality that does not veer toward edgy or forced. It imparts a sure-footed foundation with good bass extension and control. The Bryston’s musicality is more along the lines of a winning, agile tunefulness, than musicality derived from a beguiling, silky lusciousness."
      The April 2008 issue of the British magazine What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision lists their top choices and best buys in quality hi-fi components for 2008. The Bryston BP-26 not only made the list, but also earned the highest possible rating of Five Stars.
      "Better Than Anything We've Heard at This Price"
      A joint review of the BP-26 preamp and the 2B SST power amp in the September 2008 issue of What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision observes that the pair "blends transparency with insight and punch better than anything we've heard at this price."
      The March 2005 issue of The Inner Ear Report calls the Bryston BP-26 "a component worthy of the term high-end." According to the review, "Bryston's production work is first rate and the components used in all their designs are of top quality."
      The PB26 was honored by winning the "Best Preamplifier" Trade Award for 2010 from SVI magazine. SVI stands for 'Sound Vision Install,' and SVI is England's leading home electronics trade publication.
      Dual Chassis Approach
      Bryston's unique, no-compromise dual-chassis approach isolates the power supply of the BP-26 in a separate chassis for ultra-quiet operation. Please note that the BP-26 requires the MPS-2 power supply, which is sold separately.
      Clean, Lifelike Musical Signal
      The BP-26 has been engineered to deliver the cleanest, most lifelike musical signal. Intermodulation distortion has been reduced to less than .0015% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The noise floor has been significantly improved, reducing background hash to far below audibility. Input to input crosstalk is essentially nonexistent to eliminate signal bleed-through from one source to another.
      The BP-26 is housed in a steel cabinet for shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference effects. Buffered inputs provide for lower distortion and improved linearity from source components. A ground plane has been incorporated in this new design to further reduce crosstalk and noise throughout the internal circuitry. The power transformer is mounted externally to eliminate power-supply noise interference.
      The Bryston gives you lots of connectivity. It offers five stereo RCA inputs, two stereo RCA outputs, two XLR inputs, one XLR output, a stereo tape loop, and a headphone output.
      Hand Assembled Components
      Premium components and meticulous construction techniques contribute to the extremely high performance level offered by the BP-26. Components plug directly into glass-epoxy circuit boards, eliminating variations in signal travel and wire interaction.
      Signal switching and audio connections utilize heavy gold plating to provide long-term trouble-free connections. Gold plated balanced and unbalanced input and output connectors are standard. A 12-volt AC / DC screw terminal connector on the rear of the power supply provides for a convenient remote start feature available on all Bryston amplifiers.
      Each and every BP-26 preamplifier is assembled by hand and burned in for 100 hours to ensure performance for many years to come. It is backed by a 20-year warranty from Bryston, which is unrivaled in the industry.
      The optional Bryston BR2 remote control allows remote operation of the BP26.
      If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved

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      Item Condition: Used 9/10 - mint; from smoke free home Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Frankston State: Victoria Payment Method: PayPal, EFT, Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: Downsizing Further information:
      This Modulus 3A was fully reconditioned by the manufacturer in 2011. Comes with comprehensive manuals, schematics and original AI box. Current upgraded tubes Russian NOS 6N23P-EB made in Reflektor factory are in very good condition, but I will supply five sonically superior spare tubes - Russian NOS 6N23P made in Voskhod factory. Expected tubes delivery on 2 December.
      Modulus is well-known for natural sound and outstanding 3D soundstage. Audible Illusions is widely regarded as a reference tube pre-amplifier.  Tape output buffer designed by famous John Curl. 120V – requires step-down  transformer. I am selling on Stereonet Airlink (made in the UK) balanced power supply/transformer (2 in 1) 230V to 120V. Balanced power supply makes noticeable sonic difference - more detailed and vibrant sound.  Audible Illusions designed and crafted in the USA and sold directly by the manufacturer. Current model Modulus 3B cost $5495 USD, plus add some 30% for so called “global” shipping to Australia, insurance, import fees, tax and customs fees (all fees apply to used electronics as well) – total $7143 USD which equals to $9940 AUD.
      In the Audio Review, there are over 40 users reviews with a average rating of 4.7/ 5 – exceptional.
      Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound (2016): “The L3A line preamp [cheaper version without phono section] distills the best attributes of modern tube sound: swift transients, a detailed presentation, and natural yet non-euphonic textures. It is its insistence on the sonic truth that defines it as a true reference line preamp. The L3A’s ability to retrieve the music’s rhythmic drive and drama make it one of the most sonically persuasive line preamps on the market and one of the best I’ve auditioned over the years at any price.”
      The audiophile guru Arthur Salvatore noted in his list of reference components: "[Modulus] 3 may still be the finest preamplifier with phono available today for the money".
      Georgehifi, Australian designer of renown “Lightspeed Attenuator”, noted: “The AI 3A is one of the best pre’s I’ve heard”.
      Phono section gain: 28dB at 1kHz (MM), 27dB (MC).
      Line section gain: 30dB.
      Output impedance: 1.2k ohms (main), 150 ohms (tape).
      Input impedance: 47k ohms.
      Frequency response: 2Hz-100kHz within 1dB, measured with a 1:1 probe/100k ohm load.
      Tubes: Russian new EH 6922 (4).
      Phono section RIAA error: 20Hz-20kHz ±0.25dB. Distortion: 0.02% (MC phono section); ±0.015% at 20kHz (MM phono section); ±0.15% at 1.5V RMS out, 20Hz-20kHz into 50k ohms, ±0.12% at 500mV RMS out, 20Hz-20kHz, into IHF load (high-level section). S/N ratio: 74dB ref. 5mV wideband input (MM phono section); 85dB ref. 1.5V RMS wideband input (high-level section).
      Dimensions: 17" W by 3" H by 10" D (preamplifier); 5" W by ½" H by 10" D (power supply).

      MODULUS 1
      Stereophile/83-J.Gordon Holt, “A Steal For The Money”.
      High Performance Review/83-L.Greenhill, “Clearly the panel was enthusiastic about the Modulus. No other preamp at or near its price delivered such sonics, especially in the midrange”.
      Audio Magazine/84-”For the determined audiophile in search of the best sonics, the Modulus could easily be the lowest cost component in an ‘ultimate system’. The dimensionality, depth of image and spaciousness were remarkable. WE ENJOYED THE MUSIC AND FORGOT REVIEWING”.
      MODULUS 2A
      The Absolute Sound/85-M.Kuller, “A Very Impressive Preamp”.
      Stereo Sound-Japan/85-”Outstanding Sonic Performance”.
      MODULUS 2B
      Sensible Sound/86-J.Horan, “Here is a reasonable priced product that didn’t fall apart in a week, didn’t make rude or dangerous noises, worked as advertised and was even well built”.
      Hi-Fi Heretic/87-”ONE OF THE TEN BEST BUYS IN AUDIO”.
      Hi-Fi Heretic/88-”ONE OF THE TEN BEST BUYS IN AUDIO”. (Repeat)
      MODULUS 2C
      Sounds Like Magazine/89-Reina, “At $895 Buying One Is Almost Grand Larceny”.
      S120 AMPLIFIER
      Suono-Italy/89-Molinari, “Excellenti Prodotti”.
      Sounds Like Magazine/90-J.Jarvis, “The Michael Jordan Of Amplifiers”.
      MODULUS 2D
      New York Magazine/90-D.Denby, “Super Sound Issue” (Author’s Reference Preamp)
      Hi-Fi Heretic/90-”It Makes a Strong Case for Being the Best Value Component in Audio”.
      Hi-Fi Exklusiv/Germany/90-”It’s Reality! The Ultimate Musical Illusion”.
      Suono/Italy/91-B.Moroni, “Ideal Preamplifier-No Functional Limitations”.
      Audiophile Voice/91-D.Blackburn, “The 2D is the first affordable tube preamp I’ve heard that doesn’t compromise the music”.
      MODULUS 3
      Stereo/Italy/93-diMassimo Allia, “La Leggenda Continua-Fidelta Esoterica”.
      The Absolute Sound/94-VOL.19, Issue 95-Chiarella, “And There Was Much Rejoicing”
      Fidelta del Suono/Italy/94-”OSCAR AWARD” (Tube Preamplifier)
      Sound & Image/94-Greenberg, “The M3 offers the sound and parts quality of a $5000 model at a reasonable price. If you still play LP’s it’s got one of the best phono stages at any price”.
      The Absolute Sound/94-(Recommended Component)
      Academy for Advancement of High-End Audio/95-(Nominee) Golden Note Award
      Bound for Sound/95-”COMPONENT OF MERIT”
      Hi-Fi Exklusiv/Germany/95-von Reinhard Wendmuth, (Test result “EXCELLENT-3 STAR RATING”)
      The Absolute Sound/95-F.Doris, editor-(Recommended) “Component of the Year”
      Rolling Stone Magazine/95-M.Fleischmann, (Recommended) “HIGH-END SYSTEM”
      Fidelta Del Suono/Italy/96-A.Morotti, Selected for magazines “Hi-Dream System”
      Sound Stage Magazine/96-”A Critical Component Worthy of a Fair Amount of Your Audio Budget”.
      MusicNet.com.my – 2000
      MODULUS 3A
      Stereophile/96-Vol. 19, #2-M.Fremer, “All this adds up to what is clearly one of the finest-sounding, best-built preamps in the world and the reviews from around the world reflect that.”
      Academy for Advancement of High-End Audio/96-(Nominee) Golden Note Award
      Fi Magazine/96-Kaplan-(author’s ref. Preamp) “I Don’t Plan on Parting With It For A Long Time”.
      Positive Feedback Magazine/96-Blackburn-(Author’s Reference Preamp)
      Audio-Video Shopper Magazine/96-”Currently the Benchmark By Which Other Preamps (Solid-State or Tube) Are Measured”.
      Times Digital/97-Kaplan-”Truly a Modern Classic, Makes Recorded Music Feel Like a Live Concert”.
      Audio Review Magazine/98-”HALL OF FAME (Preamplifiers)
      Audiophilia Magazine/98-(Recommended Component) “Uniquely conceived and executed, the M3a reflects one man’s vision of how art should imitate life, a feat the M3a manages like few others. With affordable full-function preamplifiers becoming as rare as a ‘57 Rothchild’, Audible Illusions should be applauded for continuing to develop and market the Modulus 3a, a superbly musical and highly affordable device capable of extracting the best from both analogue and digital sources.”
      Fi Magazine/99-(Recommended Component)
      Clube Audio Magazine/99-(Brazil) “Outstanding Value-Five Star Rating”
      Stereophile/96,97,98,99,2000/April-(Recommended Components)-”CLASS A”- (Preamplifiers)
      The Absolute Sound/2000-(#124) Recommended Components/Markwell, Single-Ended-Heaven
      Sensible Sound/2000-(#82) Recommended Components/T.Lyle (Preamplifier)
      Audio Review.com-a consumer review site-(Preamplifier)
      ConsumerREVIEW.com CHOICE Award 2000 -(Audio Preamplifier)
      The Absolute Sound/2002- (#138) Recommended Component
      Stereophile/2002- (Vol. 25, #11)
      Selected #31 of 100 Most Important Audio Products of Past 40 Years
      The Absolute Sound/2012- (#223)
      Selected One of 12 Most Significant Preamplifiers of All Time 
      If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved

    • By Milesey74
      Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Toowoomba State: Queensland Payment Method: EFT or Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: Consolidating hifi equipment before moving house The reviews speak for themselves, What Hifi winner 2018. The LS50Ws are a superb sounding fully active speaker system. In many respects the soundstage, imaging and dynamics compare to way more prominent floor standing speakers. The bass is prodigious, especially for a speaker of this size. The LS50Ws produce superb detail and transparency, on level with many speakers that are orders of magnitude more expensive. I have directly compared the detailed sound they produce to VAF i93mk2s and my current JBL4367s. These speakers are in excellent condition. They were bought from Aiden at Brisbane HiFi. I have been the only owner. I have all the original packaging and shipping can be arranged around the country at purchaser's cost. They are in as new condition. Please see a sample of available reviews below. Reasonable offers considered.


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