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G'day all, Newcastle local here. I've joined to garner some advice as I'm currently looking to upgrade my AVR. 



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Hi Jay 


Welcome aboard mate.  Maybe you could tell us a little more about the gear you have.  


Lots of great forums and some very knowledgeable people to learn from here 


And the classified’s are a great place to pick up some bargains, but you will have to make a few posts before your given access to them. 



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Thanks for the welcome Bill.


All my gear is very old hence the upgrade. 

5.1 Canton movie mx10 speakers

Sony STR-DN850 avr

Sony PS3

Panasonic 50'' plasma circa 2007.


The only thing I'd like to keep is the Canton speakers/sub but having them wall mounted at head height for the front stage and near ceiling height for surrounds (all angled down of course) I'm unsure of how i should go forward in utilising this configuration in upgrading to a Dolby Atmos capable system with these speakers already mounted so high on the walls. Moving them is really not an option and installing the wiring for the 7.1 side speakers would also be a nightmare. Would an Atmos sound bar work in conjunction with the current 5.1 system or render it obsolete?

Im looking to upgrade the avr to a Denon X3600H or similar, a PS5 or Xbox series X on release, and possibly a Hisense XD dual layer telly on release if reviews are favorable. I just thought I'd lurk here for a while to gain knowledge before dropping $$$$!

Utilising my current 5.1 speaker setup for Atmos without altering my room too much is my current major concern. 

Thanks again for the welcome mate. 



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