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General consensus on satellite speakers

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I've read in quite a few places that the sides/rear speakers in a surround setup don't need to be from the same series as your front sound stage. Often people go for cheaper satellites than their front soundstage speakers.


Is that the consensus on this forum? And if so, what satellites can you recommend?

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I think it's ideal for the obvious reasons - the the tonal characteristics do not change when you have panning effects front to back or vice versa.  It's a much smoother transition.


In saying that, I would totally understand people spending spending less on the satellites - specially if 2 channel music listening is a priority.

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In our house (living room) 2 channel listening is a priority (80%) though we also operate and enjoy our 5.1 system for TV, movies and surround sound music (from SACD, Blue-Ray, downloads and streaming). I do find though that there is, relatively speaking, far less 5.1 surround sound music around.  

Our rear speakers are from a different (lower cost) series but from the same maker.  So:


* FL and FR Paradigm Studio 100s v5 ($5,000 +)

* Centre Paradigm Studio CC-490, same series as FL and FR ($1,400)

* RR and RR Paradigm Cinema ADPs ($1,000) - different series

* Sub Paradigm Seismic 110 ($1,700) - different series.


Our system has evolved over time. Originally FL and FR were Paradigm Cinema 330s ($1,000) and Centre was a Paradigm Cinema 110C ($200), we were very happy.  Years later the move to the Studio 100s was a massive step up in performance and enjoyment which stepped up again when a quality integrated amplifier with HT was introduced to drive FL and FR leaving the Denon AVR with centre and rears. 


Now still very satisfied with the duties performed by the rear speakers, even though they are from a different series. I would consider it overkill (in terms of cost, aesthetics and relative use of 5.1) to have 5 Studio 100s.  

We have had a very positive experience with weighting expenditure in favour of the front and centre speakers and thereby moving into a different series, albeit with the same maker. This may not be the case if you were mostly into 5.1. 

Have never tried different makers’ speakers for the rear speakers but would want to test them out first in situ to ensure they blended in with the rest of the system. 



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