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Hi all, I've stumbled across these forums for a couple of reasons. I need to upgrade my 2.1 hifi setup after moving into a much larger home, but I know it's easy to spend a lot of $$ and not get the results I'm after! I'll wander the forums and get some ideas. Happy to try some second-hand gear first and it looks like this is a good place to learn.


Also, my father in law has just moved into a retirement village and has offloaded an old Kenwood turntable that he wants me to sell. I've got no use for it, so once I've done my time/posts I'll see if there's any interest in the classifieds section. 


Thanks for having me :)

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Hi Mark 


Welcome aboard mate.  Maybe you could tell us a little more about the gear you have 


Lots of great forums and some very knowledgeable people to learn from here 


And the classified’s are a great place to pick up some bargains, but you will have to make a few posts before your given access to them. 



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Thanks Bill! My current setup is getting long in the tooth. It was for a small living room (4.5m x 3m) and did the job nicely: 


Receiver: Denon AVR-591

Speakers: Usher S520 bookshelf

Sub: Klipsch Sub 10


Since moving house, I've now got an open-plan living/kitchen area, which measures about 9m x 7m, with a further 4x5m dining space coming off it without any doors. The Denon's Audyssey room EQ did a great job of making it sound good, but frankly the Ushers don't provide a big enough sound. My setup is for TV and music 50-50 in 2.1, but I'm not sure whether I need a different AVR / amp, or just an upgrade on the speakers. I'm thinking something like the KEF Q750s, but I don't know if the Denon AVR has enough power to drive them effectively.  

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