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Bought first projector, general advice.

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Was looking at upgrading to a 75/85" TV but going with a projector instead came up, so I have - my first one.

Have decided on, and bought, a BenQ W2700, (was that or an Epson TW7100), a ceiling mount, 10m HDMI fibre optic cable, and a 110" fixed screen. 

At the moment it is all still in its boxes waiting on cable runs up in to the roof, so any do's/don'ts and general advice for the installation and setting up!?

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Don't just use plaster fasteners to attach the mount to the ceiling. Any installer who tells you it's OK is full of s***. Put a 17mm piece of ply between the battens in the roof and attach to the battens with right angle brackets. Use decent screws into the ply.


Make sure you mount it so the throw distance isn't too long or short for your screen size.


It doesn't have any horizontal lens shift, so it's vital you have the lens (not the center of the projector) centered on the screen when you mount.


Start with the projector mounted level horizontally and use vertical lens shift to move the image onto the screen. If lens shift isn't enough, then tilt the projector and use keystone adjustment to get a rectangular image. Lens shift is preferable to keystone (where possible), as you lose resolution and may introduce scaling artefacts in fast moving scenes.

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 just mount centred as mentioned and level with the top of the pj screen.


watch the height of the screen vs seating distance.


room colours.. does not have to total black but matt, darker contrasting colours.

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