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SOLD: FOCAL JMlabs MICRO UTOPIA BE speakers with stands

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Item Condition: very good
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Sydney....... Coogee
State: New South Wales
Payment Method: Cash on pickup
Reason for selling: Can only have one system and I can't let go of my Yamaha 1000

Further information: 
These are indeed a beautiful speaker, both in sound and aesthetics.. One of the world's most regarded tweeters ( beryllium ) integrate intimately with glorious mids and clean defined bass. Fabulous typically French  build quality...…..   rare bubinga wood combined with grey/black mica lacquer in a rock solid cabinet. . They are in very good condition, however please refer to the last photo that shows some small  bumps on the top side of one of the speakers. …….   the Bubinga sides,  the drivers and the lacquer work are superb as can be seen in the rest of the photos. The included stands are not Focal stands but are very well matched and solid as anything..... around 14 kgs each with a 8mm plate steel top and quality spikes.


I bought these 3 months ago from another SNA member and have since then played them in an A/B comparison against my modified Yammie 1000s...…  Trevor built a new crossover that has improved an already great sound.   After  much audio angst ( yes, we all know that deadly dilemma ) I have decided to keep my Yammies , even though I think the Focals are amazing.  Why ? Firstly, my listening room is very large  ….. a combined dining / kitchen/ sunroom with old fashioned high ceilings..... and the significantly larger Yammies  filled that big void better  ( don't get me wrong, the Focals are very powerful standmounts that exude control and depth. ) Secondly, as a Melbourne hifi salesman once told me, it was the hardest thing in the world to sell new speakers to Yammie owners...… you either love them fiercely or you can't see what all the fuss is about .  


Some speaker specs :    89dB,      17.5 kgs each ,   H 425 mm @ W  250 mm  @ D  380

             stands :  580 mm High,  top plate 220 @ 240 mm,   


Please note that I will not ship these speakers and perspective buyers will need to inspect them personally in a covid -friendly way. Once you decide to purchase, I can assist with packing these in a very secure way.









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The obligatory "if they were in Melbourne..."... I'd consider these in lieu of replacing the tweeter on my 1007be's.  Curious to know how much better the sound would be, though!

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