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SOLD: Whatmough Impulse2 subwoofers (pair of), Bubinga real timber veneer

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Item Condition: Excellent
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Bendigo
State: Victoria
Payment Method: Paypal, Cash, Pickup, EFT
Reason for selling: Upgraded

Finished in Bubinga real timber veneer.


Both subs are in excellent condition. One of the subs has two very minor marks on the front which are only noticeable from an acute angle. I have highlighted the marks in the pictures. Otherwise they are unmarked.


I am the original owner of both subs and have all the original packaging to be included in the sale.


Recommended retail price for one of these subs new is $2800 from Whatmough in Melbourne.


Asking price is for the pair. Will consider selling them separately but I'd prefer they both went to a new owner together. Just because.


Can arrange freight nationwide but this will be at the buyers expense.


Located Bendigo, VIC.



From the Whatmough website......
Its bandpass design means it has much lower distortion levels than conventional sealed, ported or passive radiator designs. As a result, the bass sounds cleaner and tighter and, unlike many subwoofers, the Impulse2 does not degrade the important upper bass and mid-range. 

The Impulse2 uses a 250mm extremely long throw driver which has a huge 75mm voice coil for high power handling and a massive magnet structure. This driver alone weighs over 10kg. Because it has such a long throw, this driver is capable of higher output than most 305mm drivers, yet its smaller size allows it to be noticeably faster and tighter. 

This high quality subwoofer featuresa 240 watt class A/B amplifier. It is only 3db down at 25Hz and has usable bass to below 20Hz. It roll off acousticallyat 24dB per octave above its cut off frequency of 100Hz. Total harmonic distortion is also down to the same extent when compared to a conventional direct radiator subwoofer whether it is sealed or vented. 

The Impulse2 produces much lower amounts of harmonic distortion, resulting in less degradation in the upper bass and midrange frequencies than conventional subwoofers. Not only will the bass sounds cleaner and tighter, the upper bass and midrange will not be adversely influenced by this subwoofer. This is particularly important in a subwoofer designed to reproduce music and not just movie sound tracks



Driver 10" Cellulose fibre coned driver with extremely long linear excursion (36mm) and a huge 3" voice coil. This driver is capable of higher output than most 12" drivers.
Enclosure 25mm thick cabinet walls and extensively braced.
Amplifier 200 watts continuous power output. Line and speaker level inputs. Auto on/off switch. Continuously variable volume, phase and crossover frequency.
Bass Extension 23Hz —3db, usable bass down to below 20 Hz.
Dimensions 440H X 400W X 460D mm
Weight 34 kg









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Wow. So tempted - sadly lacking funds at the mo’ 😢. Do you run them with the Whatmough external active crossover?

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I’ve used one of these subs in my system for about 10 years. I’ve upgraded my system multiple times in that period until it now sits at the end of a Devialet Le 400 amp. While other subs have fancy dsp modes and auto eq’ing, this is simply a good sounding sub that I’ve never felt the need change or upgrade.


Anyone purchasing this should be happy regardless of whether it is used for movies or music.



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