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Yamaha RX-780 Enough Power to Drive KEF Q750?

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Hey Guys,


I have a Yamaha RX-780 and looking to upgrade my speakers for my HT system. After some information if my AVR is up to the task of driving the following speakers to reasonable levels (from what I've read the KEFs need a fair amount of power)
KEF Q750 
KLIPSCH R41M (Sorrounds)

I have tried to compare the specs of each of the models to determine this but I cant seem to get my head around it. The Yamaha can drive 2CH at 95W and the KEF amp requirements are 15-150W. So to run the KEF at complete full output you would need 150W on each channel? I understand you would never do that in reality and 95W would get it to a very loud level but once you add the center and surrounds how much of that power is relocated and lost? Would I end up with less then ideal power going front and centre. I'd imagine those specs are measured in a lab and are not accurate with real world application too.


I have searched through forums which lead to mixed messages from 'should be fine' to do not do it. Can anybody throw some wisdom my way or have first hand experience?

I could look at going down the path of power amp at the added cost or go for a more efficient speaker such as the Klipsch RP line. 


Appreciate any help or insight from the community.



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Posted (edited)

This would relate to these KEF speakers having lower speaker sensitivity. See:




KEF Q750 is 88db, KEF Q250C is 87db, while the KLIPSCH R41M is 90db.


You could give them a try on your Yamaha RX-A780. If the output from the Receiver isn't sufficient, you could add a Power Amp.


Your Yamaha RX-A780 has Front Left & Right Pre-outs, so you could certainly add a power Amp to take some of the load off the Receiver.




I'm sure some others will jump in with some additional advice.

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