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TW5500 New globe or replace

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Hi My TW5500 needs a new globe at a cost of $399, wondering given it's age if it is worth buying a new globe or spending $1000 on a newer model either new or 2nd hand?


I know the TW5500 was top of the line when I purchased it so I guess I'm wondering how far budget projectors have come over the last 10 years. 


The projector is used mainly for netflix/ video gaming/ don't necessarily need 4K  or 3D or ISF calibration. What I don't like about the current projector is;


1) its a bit dull obviously more so with the globe on the way out but I've always had to have the room pretty dark 

2)its a loud -ish, OK at night and when I can put it is ECO mode but during the day need to have it on full 

3)something with a built in speaker would be nice when the kids are just watching their cartoons saves me having to turn on my Hifi Rig as well



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I am a previous owner of a TW5500. a current $1000 replacement projector won't play in the same space ... the pure PQ colour balance detail lens etc etc the 5500 was capable off  indeed as a top of the line one back in the day. if you want to replace it... as I did at minimum you are looking at a epson 9000 series projector ... whether an old 9000 or a newer 9300/9400 you are getting the same dark chip quality fuji lens decent detail colour balance etc. if can't quite muster the 9000 can pick up a 8000 series older one.


if don't need 4K then consider an older 9000 series projector and they do indeed come up, but again factor in an older 9000 series is also getting on a bit ...and likely need a new globe as well but they are however quite capable.


so at end of it.... if totally happy with the TW5500...just pop a fresh globe in... as a top of line they will be the better devil you know. rather than buying into something else 2nd hand that no idea what history is and needing likely new lamp anyway or going a step down....

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Thanks confirmed my thinking have seen 9400 going for under 2K which is tempting but might be best to replace the globe and wait a couple more years 

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