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SOLD: Altec Lansing Valencia Speakers

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Item Condition: Restored Sound but cabinets need love
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Little Bay
State: New South Wales
Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: NLR

The Altec-Lansing Valencia 846B is an American audio classic that inspired the development of the legendary Model 19.

It shares many similarities with the newer and larger Model 19, and can in fact be made to surpass the Model 19 as described by Great Plains Audio the successor company of Altec Lansing.  Details: 



The speakers currently sound great but with the electronic crossover as described in this GPA article they could be made even greater.


These have had substantial work done on them:

* The 416-8A woofers have been re-magnetised and reconed using GPA cones to new condition.

* The horn's compression drivers have been upgraded to the latest of Altecs - 902-8B with aluminium diaphragms.  This gives extended and clearer frequency response.

   The original Valencias used the smaller magnet 806 drivers with limited high frequency extension.

* The Altec N800-8k crossovers have been revitalised using Jantzen's "ultimate" audio inductor, the Wax-Coil is Jantzens top of the line Foil inductor for the bass.

   The coil is wound from 99.99% pure copper foil on a hardwood core.   

   Jantzen air core coil is used for the HF.

* Capacitors are the excellent Russian paper-in-oil, foil hybrids, bypassed with teflon and Mundorf Silver/Oil caps.

* Wiring is a combination of Western Electric and Duelund.

* Mundorf Silver/Gold solder is used throughout.

* The old fibreglass damping replaced with cotton felt.

* Covers not shown in pics.


The cabinets need TLC as they are a bit rough but function perfectly.  I have access to an  excellent professional craftsman who can re-do these if required by the buyer.


Pickup is preferred but Pack and Send is possible at buyer's expense.



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I wouldn’t have started my own Altec inspired build if I’d seen this 😮


Seems like a great deal, GLWTS.

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If I only have the room!!! GLWTS!!!

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big sound for little money right there,

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Hi Mark, 

I can’t seem to send you a pm



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