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I've just watched Guy Michelmore's latest YouTube channel video [Highly recommended if your into composition for Film and Video games], where he does a live stream every Friday on a particular topic, this week it was on Synths and sound design.


He selects a few software synths that he uses often [This bloke has or has had pretty much everything available over the years ] and then shows how he uses them.

One of the synths was a iZotope product, and he went to the website to see how much it currently costs, to his surprise he found that iZotope had this bundles on special, usually US $895 currently US $49 - after Paypal currency conversion originally Aus $1369 reduced to Aus $86.50

So I just went and bought it, as at that price it seems worth it just for the curiosity value.

I'd thought I'd give you the heads up as well.


The bundle includes.

Elements Suite v5, which has Ozone elements, RX elements, Neutron elements, Nectar elements


Trash 2

Iris 2


BreakTweaker Cinematic Textures

BreakTweaker Kicks & Snares

BreakTweaker Modern Grooves

BreakTweaker Vintage Machines.


Here's a link to Guy's video where he shows how and why he uses Stutter edit, which is part of the bundle [it's a effect more than a synth, saves hours trying to programs a synth to do the same]


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