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 hi all
wondering if any one has had any experience with the shanling cd t-100c,any comments would be appreciated,

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Hi Ray. I don’t have the 100c but I still have the original cdt100 gathering dust on the shelf. Man I’ve had it for almost 20 years.

Um, my experience might be relevant and I hope it helps.

My thoughts:

one of the best looking pieces of hifi equipment ever. But some might hate the Blue light that is always on.

having the option to run via tubes is nice.

build quality is great.

remote is ok but the face eventually will fall off. Held on with some glue.

some might find the CD spinning drive noisy. I was okay with it.

love that you have tubes for headphone section as well.

can use it as a preamp as well.

my unit developed a drop in volume on one channel. I would get this checked before buying.

An ok sounding CD player.


for the right price it’s a nice piece to have during the early part of your hifi journey.


if sound quality is what you are after I’d buy something more modern.


dont know how much of this will apply to the 100c version.

i remember there is a review of the 100c on this forum. 

good luck


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Hi Ray, l have a 100c l bought last year and it is a piece that gives me pleasure every day.  I first heard one with Bryston separates around 2005 and l never forgot it, although I went Rotel at the time due to finances. There is something about the way it looks that speaks to me although I appreciate that's  not important to most audiophiles. 

I have WE values on the speaker side which seems to be the usual upgrade. I don't use the headphone circuit as l have a STAX system but l compared it to my Bryston b135 2 amp with some cheap iem and preferred it for what it's worth. 

I bought mine from the heart not the head and am happy with the purchase.  I may upgrade my cdp but I doubt l will sell the Shanling. 


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