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Picked up an MK4 aussiemorphic lens for my first lens purchase right here on the forum and waiting for Mark Techer to install it and calibrate my JVC when he finds the time. Thanks for everyone's help. This will be a great learning curve for me after so many years in the hobby of home theatre and will finally have someone visit the theatre room to give me great advice to get the best out of my system. 

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I think @Rec. 709 has had a lot of experience and success with Lumagen recently. He was only trying to convince me today to get one

As had already been pointed out you don't need a Lumagen just to do stretch, there are other options available. However, if you want stretch and the other benefits of the Lumagen it's worth a serious

Yep got mine second hand at great price. Has an ir receiver for a remote but I never got a remote.    Mark Techer is probably the best person to be taking to about scope as he is the designe

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