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Broken Focal 1007Be Beryllium tweeter - how to get replaced?

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Hi all,


One of my cats may have literally just signed its death warrant. After she discovered that the protection grille is her new favourite toy, she has now damaged one of the tweeters.


I'm located in Melbourne.  What's the best way to get this thing replaced, if it's even worth doing so?


Also does anyone have any comments re: the toxicity of this situation?  The pieces of missing tweeter have yet to be located.




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oh sh!t... focal provided a kit with the speakers to put a adhesive back sheet on tweeter to capture all bits and then dissemble and even an envelope to post back to france so could be safely disposed.


focal's local importer distributer would be first port of call...not sure what like to deal with. but i think the tweeter diaphragm itself is quite easy to replace... and non toxic unless breaking it ! 


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Beryllium particles are only toxic if in the human bloodstream so unless you have very small particles and breath, swallow or inject it it’s OK. Looking at the picture it appears mostly broken for the outer cone surround material and maybe some small part of actual beryllium cone. Should be able to unscrew the tweeter plate and perhaps disconnect and send to service dealer instead of taking whole speaker.

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On 20/05/2020 at 11:13 PM, Class A Audio said:

We have the replacement tweeter here, let me know if you are interested 


Just letting everyone know that they were able to swap the tweeter over for me.  $950 which seems to be the going rate, but they had one in stock!  Plus, they are located two minutes from my office and gave me an excuse to go to the office for my weekly visit :)

Also some very nice gear in that store. Got very distracted by a pair of 1028Be's sitting there which are tempting me - might have to pop back at some point to have a listen...

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The gory details! The missing pieces are safely kept away in a zip lock bag.

The replacement tweeter looks a bit different, though... (see 3rd and 4th for different speakers).  Did I get the wrong tweeter?





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The   Focal tweeter in photo number three is just showing the effects of age. The foam plastic annulus will  require replacement eventually  as it is beginning to deteriorate.

At least  you can distinguish from the difference in appearance that a new  replacement has been fitted.

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