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Hi, I have couple issues with my Denon X72000WA, the first one, while watching TV/Film etc the Receiver would just switch OFF,  I checked the unit sides and top and it didn't appear to be excessively hot so I switched the unit back on and everything appeared to be OK.  When I checked the manual , I had two possible faults,  'Speaker wire touching' or the 'Amplifier circuit has failed' I have checked all the speaker connections.  They all checked out OK
When I carried out a speaker test this is when I found the 2nd issue, not sure if they are related, when I play test tone through the Front Left the test tone is only played through the top large and small speakers, the Right hand front only plays through the top small speaker. I would have expected the 'White Noise' test tone to heard through all 4 speakers on each side?? Also when I change speaker output they is delay, I never noticed a delay when I first set up the speakers
This morning I checked Denon Aus web site for the service centres in Victoria, has anyone had any experience using the Denon service centre??
For info I have attach a link to the test one video. Test Tone Video
Any feedback etc would be much appreciated. Thanks


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It may be an issue withat that particular speaker. Try switching the cables to from your right speaker to your left speaker. If you get output and it works ok the problem is the right speaker.


I had the same issue with a dodgy front speaker and a denon amp overloading some years back. The speaker was the issue.


Good luck!

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Thank you for the feedback, I may have found the problem, the RH speaker post inside the AMP was loose, all tightened up and speaker levels now all equal and I'm now driving the speakers quite hard with a couple of movies that have caused issues in the past. 


Fingers crossed 

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6 hours ago, timothysmith88 said:

Did the switching work for you?

I watched two Bond films followed by the Joker and everything played fine no issues, looks like it was the loose speaker post. Move movie watching tonight.

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