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I hope everyone is well and safe. I live in Brisbane and heavily rely on my music right now.

My equipment is: Macbook pro running Audirvana 3.5 supplied by a Synology NAS; connected to an Arcam irDAC II  (DAC+headphone amplifier) by a Curious Evolved USB cable; then Arcam FMJ A39 integrated amplifier; Arcam CDS27 CD player and streamer; Artcoustic PDA subwoofer amplifier; Artcoustic DF65 wall hung speakers; Artcoustic wall hung subwoofer; Focal Elear headphones. 

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Bit late here but how do you find your Artcoustic gear? I'm about to start my demo room build with a 9.4.4 Artcoustic setup ready to go. The rear subwoofers will be Velodyne SPL1200 though not Artcoustic. 2  x PDA amps to drive each Spitfire Control 1 subwoofers, 6 x Spitfire A6's, 6 x SL Targets and 4 x Architect in ceilings driven by 2 Elektra 7 channel power amps and a 8805 Marantz 


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