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Yamaha R-N602 and Kef104ab Ohms

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Hi All, 


Was reviewing my manual for the Yamaha R-N602 and saw that I can change the impedance for the speakers.


Now I'm not sure if my Kefs would be better at 4-8 or 8+ ohms... Or if 8+ would damage them. Any thoughts/suggestions? 

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I would stick with the 4-8 ohms, rare for speakers to go above their ohm rating, many post have reported severe dips in ohm ratings of speakers, some 8 ohm dipping to around 3 ohms as an example

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1 hour ago, wen said:

I would stick with the 4-8 ohms, rare for speakers to go above their ohm rating, many post have reported severe dips in ohm ratings of speakers, some 8 ohm dipping to around 3 ohms as an example

Thanks wen, I appreciate that. I'll stick with 4-8ohm! 

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