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Alpine Electrocats

Streamer that can read Mac files

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Thanks i worked out that the Mac calls fat 32 something else and did that yesterday, it should be finished moving files now and i will try it soon 

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thanks for the input folks

to confirm:

In my case exfat did not work, although it worked for others

I finally formatted the drive in Fat 32, although The Mac called it something different, though recognisable.

Now I just have to get myself (and friends and family) familiar with the way it operates, loading an album before you play it  

I hope I can fix the network problem , that should be easier to play from


amf finaly. I used my orginal hard drive. Tha La Cie Porshe drive is under $80 so its not shockingly expensive

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@Alpine Electrocats I don't use the local USB, instead I have a Macbook (with iTunes). I share the iTunes  files across my network to the Bluesound Node. I find this way I have a single place to manage files and back them up.


I use the Bluesound application to play music. My kids use their iphones and share my iTunes library. They all Bluetooth to the Node.


If you have a network and you want, I can help you get your node on the network and maybe share files from you Mac.

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On 23/04/2020 at 9:47 AM, Alpine Electrocats said:

am after a streamer/ dac that will read both Mac and Windows formatted hard drives.


I just saw this  thread.  Zappiti  media servers will read drives formatted with  Windows and Mac OSX  file systems.  



Another alternative is to get Tuxera for your Mac.  Apple;e computers  can already read NTFS files but with Tuxera installed, they can write to and format NTFS drives at  full speed.  Fat, Exfat are limited in the size of files they can cope with so better to use NTFS if you don't have something like a Zappiti media server that can also read Mac OS file system

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